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Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip

There are many types of arthritis of the hip as in other joints of the body.  Arthritis is basically an inflammatory condition within the joint that may involve just the synovial lining cartilage or extend to destruction of the bone.  There are various forms of arthritis.  The most commonly being...

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Women Have Less Knee Cartilage

A study looking at the amount of knee cartilage volume on MRI scans reflects what may be obvious in that men have significantly larger knee cartilage volume than women.  She was found to be independent of body and bone size.  The exact implications for these findings have not been thoroughly...

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Avascular Necrosis of the Knee

Avascular necrosis (AVN) also referred to as osteonecrosis of the knee can be a debilitating progressive disease of the knee in which the subchondral bone loses vascular supply and a portion of the bone dies.  This can lead to subchondral collapse resulting in severely erosive degenerative arthritis. ...

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49ers Lose Wide Receiver to Knee Injury

The San Francisco 49ers lost wide receiver Mario Manningham for the rest of the season after an MRI of his knee revealed a devastating combination tear of the anterior cruciate (ACL) and the posterior cruciate (PCL) of his left knee. This occurred following a low tackle during the 49ers loss to the...

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Injury and age not slowing Peyton Manning down

Playing for a new team at the age of 36, would be difficult enough for most quarterbacks. Riding a 10 game win streak as well, is why Manning is considered an all time great. Doing this after a year layoff from a potentially career ending neck injury requiring surgery, followed by traveling to Germany...

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Rafael Nadal’s knee

Rafael Nadal has suffered from chronic knee tendonitis and injuries over several seasons. Generally, he is able to treat it conservatively with rest and treatment including platelet-rich plasma(PRP) and he has generally rebound it. However, his knees this year have not responded as well, having sidelined...

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Hurdler David Payne Turns to Stem Cell Therapy for Olympics

ng won a silver medal in a 110-m hurdles at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, David Payne looked forward to achieving Olympic gold in London. While training for the Olympic trials in 2011, Payne suffered a shin injury that did not resolve with conservative therapy. As he was facing a deadline to be at...

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Sibling Superbowl Awaits

Bowl showdown between the brothers Peyton and Eli in the city where they were raised, New Orleans. Dr. Lox points out that numerous athletes are turning to regenerative medicine to heal chronic injuries. In Manning’s case, cervical fusions do not generally do well in the NFL. Numerous players have...

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Lance Armstrong Fall From Grace

class=”Section1″> In the continuing evolution of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s report on cyclist, Lance Armstrong’s case, singer Sheryl Crow who dated Armstrong from 2003 through 2006 during two of his seven Tour de France wins, has given an affidavit to the Wall Street Journal...

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College Gets $1 Million to Study Stem Cell Treatment for Pain

The Medical College of Wisconsin received a $1 million grant to study the use of genetically-modified stem cells to treat chronic pain.The grant comes from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The study involves modifying the stem cells of rats derived from their own bone marrow...

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