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When Weight Helps Get Your Knee Pain Down

Your Weight and Your Knee Pain Often we are confronted with patients who have put on weight over the years. When we see them for knee pain, and degenerative arthritis that extra weight is a problem. Most Americans gain 10 pounds per decade, so it adds up. Others were always heavy, and gain even more...

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Canadian Consults Dr. Lox For Hip and Shoulder Arthritis

This Canadian patient had already seen two orthopedic surgeons, who told him to just replace everything, his hips, and shoulders if he wants to diminish the pain. He researched many alternatives to hip replacement surgery, and shoulder replacement surgery. He found several stem cell clinics offering...

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celebrity with knee arthritis in beverly hills ca

92-Year-Old Beverly Hills Celebrity with Knee Arthritis 99% Better

A 92 year old Beverly Hills, California celebrity with knee arthritis, consulted Dr. Lox. She was adamant she did not want surgery at her age. This is a common concern. Luckily, her health was excellent. She was very functional. She could walk good distances, travel, drive her car, shop, and do all...

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how to find a regenerative medicine doctor

How to Find a Regenerative Medicine Doctor

Are you among the estimated 100 million Americans living with chronic pain? Have you recently experienced a serious injury that’s not healing as expected? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you may benefit from stem cell therapy and other types of regenerative medicine....

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shoulder surgery alternative

A 69 Year-Old Weightlifter Seeks Shoulder Surgery Alternative

When you are 69 in great shape, and have lifted weights for decades, the prospect of shoulder surgery or shoulder joint replacement surgery is not always appealing. For this reason, he consulted. Dennis Lox M.D. a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert for shoulder stem Cell Therapy, as a shoulder...

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wrist pain and its causes

Wrist Pain and its Many Causes

Wrist Pain and Various Disorders Wrist pain and it’s many causes are often called in by patients. You cannot diagnose patients over the phone. Unfortunately, sometimes they often want this. Many times my staff comes and asks me complex questions that people want answers to over the phone. My...

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bmx racer finds the zone

Professional BMX Racer Finds the Zone

Headstrong Athlete Takes 3rd in Elite Competition For some athletes, an injury can end a career. Not only does it wear them down physically, the mental psych of settling for less kicks in. This was not the case for Professional BMX Racer and successful model Will Grant. Will has raced all around the...

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stem cell caution

Caution When Considering Umbilical or Birth Tissue Products

Caution should be used when considering birth tissue products. Some stem cell clinics state they have some baby’s stem cells, and because they are younger, they are better. In saying this, many false claims are made. In the United States, in order to use someone’s stem cells, it must be the...

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Are You Looking to Avoid Surgery?

If you haven't found joint relief should schedule a personal consultation with Dennis M. Lox, M.D., to learn if you are able to get joint relief without the need for invasive surgery.

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