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59 Year Old Knee & Wrist Pain in Patient with RA

Some patients are more complex than others. This patient was 59 years old and had an autoimmune disorder Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was also complicated by classical knee degenerative arthritis pain which began in her early 50’s and had a knee arthroscopic surgery 8 years ago, at age 51, in which she...

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Hip AVN in a Martial Artist

A very fit 46-year-old martial artist began having hip pain. He saw an orthopedic surgeon who told him he had avascular necrosis of the hip or AVN. He was told he needed to stop martial artists, weightlifting, and consider a hip replacement surgery. None of these recommendations were appealing to...

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Radio-frequency For Back Pain and Knee Pain is it a Bad Idea?

Radio-Frequency denervation of a nerve is basically killing a terminal branch of a nerve with electric current or temperature probes. It is never permanent, as the nerve grows back, and it is quite painful. Think about how your nerve feels when you kill it? Toothache ring a bell? It has been around...

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Shoulder Pain: Rotator Cuff Tears Treated With Regenerative Medicine

Shoulder Pain Chronic shoulder pain is a common problem due to many different possible causes. Many patients are interested in shoulder pain problems that may be treated with stem cell therapy. Frequent shoulder problems such as rotator cuff injuries, glenoid labral tears, rotator cuff tears, supraspinatus...

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Soccer Player with Hip Injury Consults Dr. Lox

A professional soccer player was doing a cutting move, while playing in a game. He developed instant pain in his hip. It was not severe, but when he tried to run again he could not. He consulted Dennis M. Lox M.D. two days later. Dr. Lox is a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert. The soccer player...

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Knee AVN with Lupus

A patient with Lupus was treated with numerous systemic Rheumatologic medications, including corticosteroids. She was referred to Dr. Dennis Lox M.D. an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, with special expertise in the treatment of AVN or Avascular necrosis. Both knees were affected. There...

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Knee Pain in a Runner

Knee pain in runners is a common problem. Unfortunately, runners place great stress on the knee joint, and often they view the only form of rewarding exercise as running. This is especially true for distance runners. The more distance runs the greater the stress on the knee joint. Marathoners and...

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Ankle Injury Undiagnosed 8 Years After MVA

Ankle Injuries and Trauma A traumatic motor vehicle accident (MVA) resulted in severe compound distal Tibia and Fibula fractures. This required 3 plates and 22 screws during orthopedic surgery. Her postoperative course was complicated and lengthy. She never was fully pain-free. Progressively, over...

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Ankle AVN 8 years After Car Accident

This unfortunate 30-year-old was involved in a car accident 8 years previously. She sustained significant injuries that required immediate treatment. She had a compound tibia fracture to her left leg, as well as a compound fibula fracture. This required a total of 3 plates and 22 screws. She was non-weight...

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If you haven't found joint relief should schedule a personal consultation with Dennis M. Lox, M.D., to learn if you are able to get joint relief without the need for invasive surgery.

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