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95 Year Old 18 Months After Knee Stem Cell Therapy

knee pain before stem cell therapy

Success is in The Eye of the Beholder

When a 95-year-old patient comes back 18 months after knee stem cell therapy and states he feels great, that is very telling.

Functional improvement, quality of life, and verbal assertions of well being are just as important as x-rays, or athletes returning to their sport.

Feeling great is a good thing. It is also a good judge of overall satisfaction, and level of improvement.

Patients often report what doctors term a visual analog scale of how they feel from 1-10.

Obviously, little change over 6 months or 18 months is not good. However, a pain level of 8 with 10 being the worse pain, that is now a 1 or 2, is a substantial improvement.

Some patients report no pain. However, more often than not pain reports, may mean a closer questioning: Are most days are pain-free with some infrequent days? Is there some pain of minor levels? Goals are not always sports performance or distance walked. They can simply be increasing your quality of life.

Stating “I feel great,” is important regardless of age, or how much knee arthritis is present on x-rays.

Preventing knee replacement surgery is often a goal, and feeling great is a fantastic testament to progress, especially 18 months after knee stem cell therapy.

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternative

Many patients are viewing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Science Therapy as options for avoiding knee replacement surgery.

This is perhaps the most common reasons patients seek out Regenerative Medicine treatment options.

Knee replacement surgery is so common, with millions having the surgery every year. Patients are choosing to be more health-oriented, in diet, lifestyle, exercise, and in their medical care.

This means many want to keep their original parts, and stay healthy, and avoid falling into the trap of just getting old and falling apart.

For many, a proactive plan to stay healthy in their knees is just as important, like diet and exercise for their hearts, and now the importance of dementia prevention is becoming more mainstream conscious.

All aspects of our health are important, early prevention is just smart.

Degenerative Arthritis May Appear At Many Different Ages

Not every patient is a set age when knee degenerative arthritis first appears. There are slowly progressing knee pain over years and decades, to sudden onset very destructive degenerative arthritis.

Knee before Months After Knee Stem Cell Therapy
Knee Osteoarthritis

This latter type can appear later in life in patients ’70s to ’90s. It is usually very surprising to them, as they may have relatively little knee pain, until recently, and are shocked when told is a very severely damaged knee joint, which requires a knee replacement surgery.

Others may have had an old knee injury from sports, or even a prior knee surgery.

These types of knee pain patients, frequently have knee pain 5-15 years later with signs of knee arthritis on x-rays. It may continue to worsen over the years.

Not uncommonly, patients will describe decades of knee pain that just got worse with time. This is true to scientific knowledge, as degenerative arthritis is progressive in nature. This means it gets worse with time.

It does not stay static, it progressively gets worse. This is because the nature of degenerative arthritis is self-propagating.

As the knee joint breaks down, the breakdown products self propagate further breakdown by chemical cell signaling. A recipe for disaster over time.

Fortunately, understanding this pattern, can help patients know their future destiny, and possibly plan an alternative destiny by utilizing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Science.

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Dennis M. Lox, M.D. maintains an active practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.

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