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Baseball Pitching Coach Consults Dr. Lox for Shoulder Pain in LA

baseball pitching coach with shoulder pain in LA

A baseball coach consulted Dennis Lox M.D. for shoulder pain in LA.

Interestingly, it was his non-dominant shoulder that was painful.

Sometimes, this does occur. Tennis players have been seen for non-dominant shoulder pain, when logically the serving arm should be the one stressed.

However, in life the atypical can be seen more often than not. An MRI scan of the baseball coach, revealed supraspinatus tendinosis, and impingement syndrome.

An orthopedic surgeon recommended shoulder surgery. He was told he would need 3 months off from pitching to fully recover. This surgery scared him off the idea.

He opted instead to consult with Dr. Lox in LA for his shoulder pain.

The Rotator Cuff, Supraspinatus, and Impingement Syndrome

The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscle tendons which together form a cuff lining for the numeral head.

This allows for great mobility of the shoulder, which would be restricted if the ball and socket were complete boney articulations, as is the hip joint.

The rotator cuff is formed by the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and Subscapularis tendons.

Anatomy of the Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is often injured as the result of wear and repetitive use. The Supraspinatus is commonly involved, as it inserts on the boney greater tuberosity.

This portion of the supraspinatus tendon often is impinged by the acromio-clavicular joint (AC) above. The AC joint often is overgrown with bone spurs that create the impingement syndrome. Some people are born with an anatomical variant known as a downsloping acromium.

This downward slope often leads to impingement syndrome as well.

Overhead sports, weightlifting, and certain occupations are frequently involved with the development of rotator cuff injury and impingement syndrome.

Regenerative Medicine Options for Shoulder Pain in LA

Regenerative Medicine options such as Stem Cell applications, Platelet-Rich Plasma and orthobiological treatments may all have a place in shoulder pain syndromes. This is highly dependent upon the type of shoulder pain, and the individual needs of the patient.

Discussing patient options is part of a personalized medicine approach that Dr. Lox adheres to.

Dr. Lox treats patients from around the globe in his Beverly Hills, California office, and in his Clearwater, Florida office.

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