Stem Cell Expert Opens California Office

Welcome in Beverly Hills, California. City Park and the Famous Sign. California, United States.

Dr. Dennis Lox, a world renown Sports and Regenerative Medicine physician, and early stem cell pioneer has opened an office in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Lox began seeing patients in Beverly Hills, California in 2014 utilizing his vast experience in the use of Regenerative Medicine and stem cells. Dr. Lox has been practicing in the Tampa Bay, Florida metro area since 1990. Always an advocate of sports and preventative medicine, Dr. Lox has helped treat professional athletes in numerous sports, collegiate and high school athletes helping them attain college scholarships, and weekend warriors.

Dr. Lox and Antonio Tarver – Ex Heavyweight Boxing Champion

An avid multi-sport athlete Dr. Lox knows the challenges athletes and patients in pain continue to face when traditional medicine is not working. Regenerative Medicine and the utilization of stem cells has blossomed in recent years, where now nearly every major university is involved in stem cell research and clinical trials.


Dr. Lox on ABC News with Former Buccaneer, Derrick Brooks, Antonio Tarver Ex Heavyweight Champion, Brandi Winans, NFL Alumni Coordinator and Ian Beckles, Former Buccaneer.

Dr. Lox has a keen interest in the management of not only arthritis in aging athletes, but helping patients keep higher levels of function and quality of life in later in life.

Dr. Lox has also helped patients in need and less fortunate from other countries where stem cells are not available. Often patients are unaware of the availability of stem cells in the United States. Contrary to popular notions, the Vatican supports stem cell research just not embryonic. Patients from Canada and the United Kingdom do not have access to stem cells in their countries, in part due to their national health care. Every week Dr. Lox receives inquiries from around the world in reference to stem cells for knees, hips, shoulders, wrist, ankles, and a variety of other sports and arthritic problems.

Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, Florida (727) 462-5582

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

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