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Trauma, Surgery May Accelerate Arthritis Development: Are Stem Cells an Option?

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Trauma, Surgery May Accelerate Arthritis Development: Are Stem Cells an Option? Arthritis and the use of Stem Cell Therapy are becoming more familiar to patients. Joint arthritis or osteoarthritis (OA) is often thought of as a wear and tear phenomenon. Research now clearly reflects the complicated nature of joint arthritis (OA). Genetics may play a role. Trauma definitely accelerates the development of osteoarthritis. Surgery is a form of trauma, and thus studies have clearly reflected the role that joint surgery has on the progression of osteoarthritis development.

Stem Cell Therapy may be one aspect of Regenerative Medicine that that has captured the fascination of the public. Previously noted concerns over political or religious issues is not applicable to using the patients own stem cells, known as autologous therapy. Clinical trials with other people’s stem cells, known as Allogenic cells, has undergone clinical trials. As arthritis of the joints is a progressive disorder, it is often shrugged off or ignored early in the course of the degenerative process. This is unfortunate as common sense would dictate that earlier treatment for joint arthritis would be more amenable. There will always be those who are more preventative in nature especially with their own bodies. Recognition of the role that Stem Cell Therapy may have on the arrest of arthritis progression or even regeneration may continue to be slowly assimilated unless more understanding of the field of Regenerative Medicine arrives.

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