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Chimera monkeys created using embryonic stem cells – Dr. Lox

Jan 12, 2012

Scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Center have produced the world’s first monkeys created from embryos of several individual monkeys.The chimera monkeys were created by binding three to six rhesus monkey embryos in the early stages of the development, and are the result of experiments designed to gain more understanding into stem cells that might be used to create human tissue in the future.

Researchers led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, were focused on how natural stem cells from early embryos differed from cultured embryonic stem cells which are more readily available to scientists.In a variation of cloning procedures, they were able to inject stem cells into monkey embryos to produce chimera, but the procedure only worked when the cells were fresh, not cultured stem cells.

The different cells worked together to form tissues and organs.By utilizing embryonic stem cells in such an early stage of development, they can produce a complete organism, in this case a monkey.The research has been ongoing for several decades and it is hoped that will lead to breakthroughs in working with human tissues, specifically utilizing embryonic stem cells to grow new tissues for humans.

The monkeys are referred to as chimera monkeys after a fire-breathing character in Greek mythology made up of parts from different animals.The experiments were reported in the scientific journal Cell – click here for the abstract.

The field of stem cell research, particularly utilizing embryonic stem cells, is expanding greatly in the United States.Human embryonic stem cells have been utilized in clinical trials for spinal cord injury research and also for research in the treatment of macular degeneration.The research that produced the chimera monkeys will add greatly to our overall understanding of stem cells and how they can be utilized to treatment human conditions.

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