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Kentucky Bodybuilder Flies to Consult Dr. Lox on Knee Arthritis

Apr 01, 2019

Kentucky Bodybuilder Flies to Consult Dr. Lox on Knee Arthritis A longtime athletic Kentucky Bodybuilder, with knee arthritis, was told by an orthopedic surgeon he would eventually need his knees replaced. He didn’t like this idea, so he did his research and found Dennis M. Lox M.D., an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine. Dr.Lox has been utilizing stem cell therapy for knees and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for nearly a decade on athletes and non-athletes alike as Regenerative Medicine…

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Growing Body Parts

Mar 30, 2019

Growing Body Parts The science of Regenerative Medicine has changed or has it? To those with new knowledge of the field, it may seem fantastic and futuristic. However, it is not. Some of it is old news. Let me explain a little. New headlines amaze patients. Stem cells that cure AIDS. Growing body parts. Skin cells become embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells and Growing Body Parts Go back to 2009. Dr. Steve Badylak at the University of Pittsburgh was on…

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Soccer Player Knee Arthritis After 3 Arthroscopic Surgeries

Mar 20, 2019

Knee Arthritis Development After Surgery Knee Arthritis is not just for the old. It can happen to the young as well. Many patients who treat with Dennis M. lox M.D., are younger patients who develop knee arthritis at an early age. Often they have several things in common. Trauma and prior knee surgery. Once people understand that surgery is another form of trauma, it becomes clear. Often the reason for knee surgery is trauma. So knee surgery following trauma results…

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A Gymnast with Shoulder Labral Tear Consults Dr. Lox

Mar 20, 2019

Shoulder Labral Tear after Dislocation A Teen gymnast dislocated her shoulder. It relocated by itself, and she thought she was all better. Unknowing the true nature of shoulder dislocation she kept competing. Her shoulder dislocated 2 more times. This totaled 3 shoulder dislocations. At this point, she saw an orthopedic surgeon and an MRI of her shoulder was obtained. A large labral tear was noted. The orthopedic surgeon gave her options of surgery with a 4-month recovery with no gymnastics.…

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Low Back Pain Spondylosis and Instability

Mar 15, 2019

Low Back Pain Spondylosis and Instability Low Back Pain – There Are Many Causes Next to the common cold, low back pain is pervasive in society. Ask around it won’t be hard to find someone affected with it, someone you know, or even perhaps you. It is far more complex than just a disc problem.  Back pain can occur at nearly any age from a wide variety of causes. Trauma, sports injuries, aging, and even out of the blue. Sometimes…

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Dr. Lox on AVN New Treatments with Regenerative Medicine

Mar 10, 2019

Dennis M. Lox M.D. Sports and Regenerative Medicine and AVN Expert Video names The greatest development in the treatment of avascular necrosis (AVN) in the last decade or for that matter ever has been the understanding of the role that Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, and Tissue Engineering has had on the potential treatment options and scientific breakthroughs that may continue to occur as the result of this technology. Avascular Necrosis What’s in The Name? Avascular Necrosis abbreviated AVN essentially means:…

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Professional Wrestler with Knee and Shoulder Arthritis

Mar 01, 2019

Professional Wrestler 6’4” and 350 Pounds, Not your Average Patient Dennis M. Lox M.D. has treated many elite athletes. Professional wrestlers often are plagued with chronic injuries later in their careers, including knee and shoulder arthritis. This professional wrestler was a living example of knee and shoulder pain with arthritis.  Repetitive trauma, prior surgery, and advancing age all predispose to degenerative joint arthritis. Dr. Lox has lectured at National and International Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Scientific Medical Conferences, with…

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Regenerative Expert by Day; Kung Fu Teacher by Night Treats Hip with Dr. Lox

Feb 25, 2019

Some Patients are Well Informed on Regenerative Medicine A very well informed patient flew from another state to treat with Dennis Lox M.D., a world-recognized Sports, and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. This patient, as well as Dr. Dennis Lox, have personal experience with Dr. Steven Badylak. Both Dr. Lox and the patient, have discussed hip Osteoarthritis with Dr. Badylak, who is one of the world’s most preeminent Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering scientists. Dennis M. Lox M.D. Sports and Regenerative Medicine…

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Ankle Arthritis Can Put A Hurt on Your Game: Regenerative Medicine Options

Feb 21, 2019

Ankle Arthritis Can Put A Hurt on Your Game: Regenerative Medicine Options Ankle arthritis can develop in younger age athletes which literally hurts, and hurts their game.  Some sports are prone to ankle repetitive injuries such as ankle sprains, or severe trauma. This can lead to early onset of ankle arthritis. One such sport is Basketball. Those who know the history of the sport can recall two professional Basketball legends who were affected by ankle injuries. Bill Walton and Kevin…

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Mychal McGuire iHeart Radio Personailty has Knee Regenerative Therapy with Dr. Lox

Feb 15, 2019

Mychal McGuire iHeart Radio Personality has Knee Regenerative Therapy with Dr. Lox Mychal McGuire iHeart radio personality consulted Dennis M. Lox M.D. a world renown Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist for knee stem cell treatment. Mychal had heard about Dr. Lox and his knee stem cell treatment from other Tampa Bay radio personalities, and local professional athletes Dr. Lox has treated. Mychal McGuire remains an avid athlete, including basketball. Many sports such as basketball are very taxing upon the knee.…

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Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or have arthritis from aging, Dr. Lox can help.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. is an internationally renown Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist. Dr. Lox incorporates Regenerative Medicine techniques such as cell science applications, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Tissue Engineering aspects, to help patients from around the world with a vast array of problems. Dr. Lox is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lox lectures extensively and has edited two PM&R textbooks, the prestigious A State of the Art Review (Star) on Low Back Pain, and Soft Tissue Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. maintains an active practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.