Patient from New York with Hip AVN states he is 100% better

A Patient from New York with Hip AVN states he is 100% after Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

A Patient from New York with Hip AVN states he is 100% better.

A patient with hip avascular necrosis (AVN) who lives in New York, flew to see Dennis M. Lox M.D. an expert in stem cell therapy in his Tampa Bay, Florida clinic. Dr. Lox also maintains an active practice in Beverly Hills, California. The patient elected to proceed with stem cell therapy for his hip AVN, after Dr. Lox explained the process, gave him a better understanding of avascular necrosis (AVN), and what to expect.

2 years later he reported to Dr. Lox that he was 100% better. Not every patient will report such success, however when they do it is extremely rewarding. Patients view success on different criteria. Some are not the same as the doctor’s viewpoint. Doctor’s tend to look at clinical signs or radiographic evidence of change. However, when treating thousands of stem cell patients as an experienced expert such as Dr. Lox has done, success needs to as take into account a patients goals and expectations. Sometimes these two goals and expectations are not realistic, especially when dealing with a condition such as avascular necrosis (AVN) and stem cell treatment. An experienced expert physician like Dr. Dennis Lox will discuss these issues before hand with all patients. AVN patients need special counseling on goals and expectations due to variabilities in age, the extent of AVN involvement, whether there are multiple joints involved, and if a return to sport is an issue.


Avascular necrosis occurs when blood flow becomes impaired to a region of bone resulting in bone cell death from the lack of blood flow. This is termed necrosis. The necrotic bone may be a small region or large. The necrosis may occur in multiple joints. The hip joint is the most commonly affected joint with AVN, and therefore stem cells for hips are the most common site treated. AVN of both hips is the most common presentation of multiple joint involvements, yet it may also present in a hip and a knee. Various other patterns occur. Dr. Lox has seen practically all types. Both hips, both knees, and both ankles were seen in one of Dr. Lox’s patients. The shoulder is the second most common joint affected with avascular necrosis. AVN has also been referred to by other names such as osteonecrosis, ischemic necrosis, aseptic necrosis, and bone infarction. All the names allude to bone necrosis.

Preceding trauma is the most frequent presentation of avascular necrosis. There are times where the trauma is not thought of as that significant as pain is part of the trauma. When pain persists beyond a reasonable time period or is out of proportion to the degree of injury, the diagnosis of AVN or osteonecrosis should be considered. MRI changes are seen early before x-ray images reflect any evidence of AVN.

Idiopathic or osteonecrosis (AVN) of unknown etiology is second to trauma in underlying causation. Sometimes the AVN is not caused by a specific process but has associated risk factors. These include excessive corticosteroid (cortisone) and alcohol use. It is not clear why some individuals who have excessive cortisone or alcohol intake develop osteonecrosis or AVN and others do not. There are many other associated risk factors involved with AVN.

Due to the complexity of AVN and the management with stem cell therapy, it is important to consult with an expert such as Dr. Dennis Lox. Athletes, in particular, have unique needs and Dr. Lox has treated many athletes with AVN, including high school athletes who were told they could not return to their chosen sport, and eventually did even obtaining athletic scholarships to college after stem cell therapy with Dr. Lox.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. specializes in Sports and Regenerative Medicine with stem cell therapy. Dr. Lox may be contacted at his office in the Tampa Bay, Florida area as well as Beverly Hills, California.

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