Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Sees Dr. Lox for Shoulder Pain

Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Sees Dr. Lox for Shoulder Pain 

Boxing Champion With Shoulder Pain

A former weight boxing champion with shoulder pain consulted Dennis M. Lox M.D. For shoulder stem cell injection for shoulder pain relief that interfered with his boxing training.  Athletes from all sports treat with Dr. Lox. The shoulder is common in not just boxers, but baseball players, tennis players, and weight lighters. Understanding the origin of the shoulder pain is key to the diagnosis of an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine such as Dr. Lox.  Dr. Lox has treated several boxers, and if their dominant hand is injured it is more concerning. This boxer was a leftie. Leftie’ or southpaws can often be ambidextrous. This means they can both left or right handed. When rehabilitating a boxer with stem cell therapy or Regenerative Medicine, the ability to train away from their injured shoulder is a benefit.  Shoulder surgery was not an option for him, so alternatives to shoulder surgery were very important.

Sports Training Exercises and Shoulder Pain

boxer has shoulder stem cell injectionMost boxers train full speed ahead. It is extremely important to send time with them to understand the nature of their injury, and how certain moves in boxing will aggravate the condition. Not only that, understanding their training regimen may involve exercises that the boxer views as helpful to his shoulder, but actually can damage it further. Thoroughly, examine the boxers training regimen is exceptionally important to troubleshoot areas which may not only impede progress, but may damage an injured shoulder segment further.

Stem Cell Injection and Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain


dr lox treats antonio tarver with shoulder stem cell injections.

Dr. Lox with Antonio Tarver, a Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

The professional boxer, was referred from another professional athlete, and he had a pretty good understanding on the procedure. It is a simple injection procedure placed where the expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine has determined where the trouble spot in your shoulder is. A question often asked is what if there are more than one area of injury? This does occur especially with a damaged arthritic joint. Several injections can be delivered to the most injured areas, and luckily are stem cells are very smart. They are sophisticated repair cells which home via surface receptors to damaged areas. The human body is quite sophisticated, even when it comes to stem cells. Elite athletes are considering stem cell injection for shoulder pain as an alternative to shoulder surgery.

Exercises For Shoulder Pain

There are mainly shoulder exercises, quite often patients are doing them wrong for their shoulder injury. This is where an expert such as Dennis M. Lox M.D. can be of vital assistance to eliminate potential injurious exercises, add safe exercise, and develop a one on one plan structured to the athletes needs, desires, and goals. Professional athletes often work hard, and even overdo it. Exercise,modification is the key. This can be in concert with the athletes trainer and the doctor. A skilled doctor with expertise in the sport, such as boxing will be able to make modifications to the injured shoulder segment, yet continue to condition the elite athlete in other ways.   Elite athletes and boxing world champions like to help heal the body by itself, an appealing alternative to shoulder surgery.

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