Dr. Dennis Lox Talks Stem Cells on ABC News with Teen Soccer Player with AVN

Dr. Lox Featured on ABC News Morning Blend Segment To Discuss Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Dennis Lox Talks Stem Cells on ABC News with Teen Soccer Player with AVN

Dr. Dennis Lox Talks Stem Cells on ABC News with Teen Soccer Player Natasha Merangoli with AVN

Dr. Dennis Lox a world recognized expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine with special expertise in Avascular Necrosis (AVN) and stem cells, is interviewed on ABC’s The Morning Blend with a teen soccer player, Natasha Merangoli with ankle AVN.
The teen, Natasha was first interviewed as a 14 year old diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the navicular bone in her foot. She failed to improve with conservative care, was unable to run or play soccer, and was told her only course of treatment was an ankle fusion. This ankle fusion was unacceptable to Natasha or her family, as she would be unable to return to play soccer or even wear high heels. She treated with Dr. Dennis Lox in 2013, and underwent stem cell therapy for her navicular AVN. She improved and became the leading scorer for her high school team as a freshman. Natasha made the news in her hometown of Orlando, and was featured on Fox 35 News that year 2013. The story was entitled Stem Cells Help Soccer Player Recover.

In the next few years she continued to excel in soccer. Serial MRI’s showed improvement of the necrotic region of bone, attributed to her stem cell treatment for her ankle/navicular Avascular necrosis. By her time Natasha was a senior in high school the last MRI showed complete resolution of the region of necrotic region, and the radiologist read the MRI as normal without evidence of the prior avascular necrosis. Truly a successful outcome with Dr. Lox’s Sports and Regenerative Medicine approach with stem cells.

She obtained a scholarship to college for her outstanding play, and was interviewed on ABC’s Morning Blend in 2017, four years after her initial Televison interview on Fox Orlando 35 with Dr. Dennis Lox, and several former professional football players for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks and Ian Beckles, were also interviewed. Their was a round table discussion of stem cell therapy and how it impacted each persons lives.

Natasha has since left for college. As a freshman she was faced with doing nothing or ankle fusion surgery for her Avascular Necrosis (AVN), she and her family opted to find Dr. Dennis Lox and the rest is history.

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