Bodybuilder off to Venice Beach, California; Aging Arthritis and Bodybuilding

A professional bodybuilder from Florida had become friends with Dr. Lox over the years. He was an accomplished author and bodybuilder. Golds Venice has traditionally been the Mecca of bodybuilding. It is not uncommon for even past greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to make an appearance and lift some weights. Though even Arnold Schwarzenegger has had his share of joint problems. Dr. Lox treats athletes and non-athletes alike in his Beverly Hills, California office, and in his Tampa Bay Florida office.

Aging and Bodybuilding

As a matter of fact most aging bodybuilders have joint problems. Even those who never competed, but kept a life long interest in their health and well-being through diet, exercise and lifting weights are prone to joint problems as they age. Dr. Lox has treated Mr. Olympia’s and those just keeping in shape as they age. Regenerative Medicine offers some potential and insight into a new way of thinking about aging gracefully, while staying in the gym.

Joint Arthritis and Bodybuilding

Joint arthritis is very common in bodybuilders as they age. As a matter of fact joint arthritis is so common as we age it is estimated that over 60% of people over 50 have some form of arthritis. No wonder, next to the common cold low back is second in frequency of complaints to doctors offices. The back is not uncommonly a troublesome area for weightlifters and bodybuilders. The problem with spines are they are multi-segmental.
***see picture
A multi-segmental spine does not correlate with a simpler anatomical joint such as a knee. This is why back surgeries in the United States hover around a 50% percent success rate. Stated another now 50% FAILURE RATE. Regenerative Medicine may offer some alleviative measures, however an expert in spines knows how complicated they are being a multi-segmental problem and therefore not as simple as placing stem cells into one area or a plate and screw, and then everything is magically fixed.


Shoulder pain in weightlifters and Bodybuilders is very common. Too much emphasis is placed on heavy bench presses, overhead presses and similar exercises that stress the shoulder, especially over time. It is very common that there is an overdevelopment of the shoulder internal rotators especially the pectoral muscles. Far too little time is spent over the years balancing the external rotators and doing adequate stretching. This results in all too often rotator cuff problems, impingement syndromes, bicep tears, labral tears, and shoulder joint arthritis. Dr. Lox has had some tremendous results with athletes with shoulder pain. First it is extremely important to know what is exactly wrong with your shoulder. There may be multiple issues in longstanding athletes who stress their shoulders with heavy weights. Having a specific treatment plan for each athlete specifically tailored to their individual needs is paramount.

Hip and Knee Arthritis Pain

The hips and knees are often affected in weightlifting due to the common exercise most people do as starters squats and their variants. Hack squats, lunges, and leg presses. There is no doubt to the adage that heavy squats build size. As a longstanding Sports and Regenerative Medicine physician, Dennis Lox M.D. understands this, as well as what the effects are 20-40 years later. Add to this many weightlifters and bodybuilders were in other sports and may have had knee surgery. This complicates the issue further. Father Time does not forget prior sports injuries as we age. Trauma accelerates arthritis, and surgery is another form of trauma. Knee arthroscopy is so common, yet many patients fail to understand what happens to the knee years later after this surgery. Now hip labral surgery is becoming more common and the post traumatic arthritis that results from labral debridement is now becoming ever more clear. Many athletes are turning to Regenerative Medicine options as a means of addressing hip and knee wear issues, as well as the potential to prevent hip and knee joint replacement. Regenerative Medicine has found a place in Sports Medicine, and the very nature of bodybuilding and weightlifting lends itself to a nice fit with Regenerative Medicine as well.

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Shoulder Pain That Keeps You Down: Is Regenerative Medicine an Option?

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain may arise from many different underlying causes. Often there are several underlying problems. The shoulder is a complex joint, so with many parts involved, it is not always as simple as we would like. This is especially true as we age, and with a prior history of sports, and or trauma. Whether or not, it is your dominant arm that is often a factor. Surprisingly though, the non dominant arm is often the problem shoulder. Quite often one shoulder is worse, and the other is starting to have symptoms. When shoulder arthritis is found, it can even be seen on x-rays of a non-symptomatic shoulder. This can be explained by how degenerative shoulder arthritis manifests as a progressive disorder. Some people have shoulder pain that evolves slowly or time, while others only develop shoulder pain at an advanced age. This late onset of shoulder pain can unfortunately be associated with severe degenerative changes. Patients are often shocked to hear they may need a shoulder replacement surgery.

Shoulder Pain Syndromes at a Glance

Shoulder Arthritis 
Shoulder Impingement 
Rotator Cuff Tears
Bicep Tears
Labral Tears 
Acromioclavicular separations and arthritis 
Shoulder AVN or Osteonecrosis  
This is not an all encompassing list. It makes up a great majority of frequently seen shoulder problems, and some less commonly seen. It also illustrates how difficult it is to manage shoulder pain when multiple problems co-exist at once.

Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is actually not very specific to a anatomic problem as much as to a set of symptoms, that may derive from several common underlying problems. When the shoulder is raised outward, and externally rotated or raised and internally rotated above shoulder height, several things can occur. Pain with these motions is the hallmark of shoulder impingement. Literally something is being impinged or pinched with these activities. Often what is occurring is the supraspinatus tendon, one of the four tendons comprising the rotator cuff, is being compressed against the acromioclavicular joint which lies above. 

Can Regenerative Therapy Help?

Each patient must be individually assessed for treatment. Their goals and their condition are important to formulating a treatment plan when Dr. Lox is considering Regenerative Medicine. Lastly, in addition to Regenerative Medicine options, a structured exercise program must be addressed. It is too often that athletes are doing the wrong exercises and aggravating their underlying shoulder condition. Dr. Lox can help in this regard. A proper program understands not just what the shoulder problem is, but what keeps aggravating it.

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15 Year Old Bosnian Soccer Player with ACL and PCL Tear Consults Dr. Lox for Knee Stem Cells

Soccer Injuries and Knee Stem Cells

A 15 year old Bosnian soccer player, sustained a terrible knee injury. The terrible triad is known as tearing the ACL, Medial Meniscus, and Medial Collateral Ligament(MCL). This teen soccer player did more. He tore his ACL, PCL, Medial and lateral collateral and sustained a bone bruise to the Medial Femoral Condyle. His father, also a soccer player, had torn his ACL and had it surgically repaired, the son wanted to avoid this, thus the families research led them to seek consul from Dr. Lox about knee stem cells. Dr. Lox has treated many athletes with a variety of knee pain.

Knee Ligament Injuries

Interestingly, despite all of this, the 15 year old soccer player was not unstable. Instability is a great problem for running and cutting athletes with ACL tears. He had well developed quadriceps and hamstrings. There was an initial 3 week period of severe swelling consistent with a hemarthrosis. Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears (ACL) are violent injuries which cause significant macro and micro trauma to the knee joint. The force necessary to tear the ACL ligament results in a violent disruption of knee joint tissues. This ensures that blood occurs in the knee joint or hemarthrosis. Often the femoral or tibial condyle is contusion as well. Sustaining a bone bruise is not surprising giving the disruptive force involved with a tearing of a ligament that connects the femur and tibia. This patient did report an initial period of severe swelling, which prevented walking for days. This is compatible with a hemarthrosis (blood in the knee joint). It gradually subsided and he was able to walk normally without a limp. A new MRI revealed intact PCL fibers and the question of any intact ACL (anterior cruciate fibers) was debated. A non-cutting athlete can do just fine without a complete ACL ligament. However, a soccer player, basketball player, or football player places great strain on the ACL ligament with cutting and pivoting moves. If the athlete doesn’t not display instability on physical examination this suggests some of the ACL remains, the surrounding supporting tissues and muscles are providing support. While nothing is certain in sports, a re-injury can occur at any time. ACL reconstruction surgery is a lengthy process that is difficult. Many top professional athletes from a wide variety of sports have not made it back to their previous level. Since this athlete was doing well, the teen patient and his parents wanted to try a Regenerative Medicine approach while continuing to work on his skills with a trainer under Dr. Lox’s guidance.

Knee Stem Cells and Training

Not all patients do the same routines after having knee stem cell procedures. Not only are sports different, but injuries are different, and thus require different approaches to post Regenerative Medicine care. No two athletes circumstances are alike, therefore a customized approach is needed. Luckily, this soccer player was ambidextrous with his legs. He could shoot and set up passes with either leg. This allowed great freedom in post knee stem cell care with his trainer. We could essentially utilize an ACL or a double upright brace to limit stress to both the ACL and PCL while he practiced shooting skills with the opposite leg. This was a nice luxury not seen in most athletes, and allowed early soccer training with minimal chance of aggravating his injured knee.  Developing a personalized approach to treating not just athletes with injuries but all patients is key to a successful outcome, and accomplishing their goals. 

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ABC Action News Dr. Lox Discusses Stem Cells with Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans

ABC Action News Dr. Lox Discusses Stem Cells with Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans

ABC Action News Morning Blend Natalie Taylor interviewed Dr. Dennis Lox and his patients former NFL player and Radio Personality Ian Beckles, and Author and NFL Alumni Liaison Brandi Winans on their stem cell therapy. This was the second of a three-part airing of Dr. Lox and his patients, all notable Tampa Bay Area names. Dr. Dennis Lox has treaty a variety of professional athletes and notable celebrities. Dr. Lox recently returned from seeing patients at his Beverly Hills, California office, including getting his regular haircut with Antonia at Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Lox uses Stem Cells to Treat Thumb Arthritis

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox with his hair stylist in Beverly Hills, California, Antonia

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox and Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Lox treated his hairstylist’s thumb with stem cell therapy. Stylists are prone to thumb arthritis due to excessive use of repetitive scissoring during their workday. 

Ian Beckles

Former NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer lineman, Ian Beckles discussed his many injuries as a professional football player. The toll of repeated injuries and what effect it has on your joints later in life. Ian Beckles is also a Radio personality and frequently discusses athletes and their injuries. Ian Beckles had Dr. Lox treat both his knees with stem cell therapy several years ago, and resumed an active lifestyle even teaching a spin class. A testament to not just decreasing his knee pain, but an increase in his functional level. Improved function and quality of life are prized goals of patients, and former professional athletes. Naturally current professional athletes measure success by returning to their sport.

Brandi Winans

Brandi Winans is an author, motivational speaker, and was married to a former Oakland Raider for over 30 years, and Brandi now is an NFL Alumni Liason. All of this gives her a unique perspective into injured athletes during and after their career. Brandi was also a multi-sport athlete, and like so many others began having pain in her shoulders and hips later in life. She decided to have stem cell therapy to her shoulders and hips with Dr. Lox, and now is on the road to recovery.

Our Patients are our Advocates

Having patients like Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans as part of 3 part athletes and stem cell therapy is truly rewarding as patients and advocates for Dr. Lox and stem cell therapy. The other 2 segments featured NFL Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks and Former World Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver.

Tampa Bay, Florida 727-462-5582

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California 310-975-7033

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Athletes and Knee Pain

Athletes and Knee Pain

Some seek knee pain relief in conjunction with shoulder pain relief at the same time. Weightlifting places excessive stress on both the shoulder and the knee. Often the backbone of traditional strength regimes is shoulder over presses, also known as military presses.

Bench Presses and Squats

Bench presses have been to the upper body, as squats as to lower body. However, both exercises have resulted in numerous athletes sports injuries. Being stronger as weightlifter entails heavy leg work. Squats, hack squats, lunges, leg press machines of all styles can work the quadriceps from all angles. This strengthens but may result in muscular imbalances from overtraining one muscle group for another.

Quads versus hamstrings

The knee joint mechanism is compromised of a hinge joint between the large upper femur bone and the lower shin bone the tibia. The cartilage between that allows the fluid motion to occur are the ligaments and medial and lateral meniscus.

Knee Surgery

Overuse from repetitive strain, prior knee arthroscopic surgery all increase risk for accelerated knee degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. Multiple knee surgeries open is less common today than multiple Knee arthroscopic surgeries. Famous athletes with troubled knees are Joe Namath in Football, Adrian Peterson in Football and Cadillac Williams in Football. Only Adrian Peterson had a speedy recovery from a difficult knee ACL repair and meniscal debridement. Peterson had knee stem cells injected after surgery to help expedite the healing process.

Rafael Nadal

Tennis great Rafael Nadal has been troubled with knee ailments for many years on the professional tour. Nadal has been known to have platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections between tennis tournaments to keep his grueling style going. Nadal first reached world number one in 2008. In 2012 he was having significant knee pain issues, that were not responding to the quick fix PRP. Nadal eventually took 7 months off the professional tennis tour in 2012. Dr. Lox has lectured with Nadal’s doctor. 7 months is not PRP recovery time, and Rafael Nadal did not want knee arthroscopic surgery for knee pain relief. Nadal opted for knee stem cell injections rather than knee arthroscopic surgery.

In 2013 Rafael Nadal returned to world number 1 in men’s professional tennis. Those whose primary goal is lifting weights, and those who are strengthening their knees with weights to gain strength advantage in their primary sport. Dr.Lox has vast experience in this area, and expertise in the sports and Regenerative Medicine approach to weightlifting shoulder and knee pain patients looking for shoulder and knee pain relief.

Rafael Nadal Knee Stem Cell Therapy


Nadal has had platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections between tennis tournaments to keep his grueling style going. Nadal first reached world number one in 2008. In 2012 he was no longer responding to PRP injections and was having significant knee pain.  Nadal took 7 months off the professional tennis tour to consider arthroscopic surgery for his knee pain but eventually opted for knee stem cell injections and returned to tennis in 2013, becoming  #1  in men’s professional tennis. He has continued to perform at the elite level returning to World number 1 in 2017 and most of 2018.

Tampa Bay, Florida 727-462-5582

Los Angeles, California 310-975-7033

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