ABC Action News Dr. Lox Discusses Stem Cells with Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans

ABC Action News Dr. Lox Discusses Stem Cells with Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans

ABC Action News Morning Blend Natalie Taylor interviewed Dr. Dennis Lox and his patients former NFL player and Radio Personality Ian Beckles, and Author and NFL Alumni Liaison Brandi Winans on their stem cell therapy. This was the second of a three part airing of Dr. Lox and his patients, all notable Tampa Bay Area names. Dr. Dennis Lox has treaty a variety of professional athletes and notable celebrities. Dr. Lox recently returned from seeing patients at his Beverly Hills, California office, including getting his regular haircut with Antonia at Giusseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox and Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox with his hair stylist in Beverly Hills, California, Antonia

Dr. Lox treated his hairstylists thumb with stem cell therapy. Stylists are prone to thumb arthritis due to excessive use of repetitive sissoring during their workday.
Former NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer linemanIan Beckles discussed his many injuries as a professional football player. The toll of repeated injuries and what effect it has on your joints later in life. Ian Beckles is also a Radio personality and frequently discusses athletes and their injuries. Dr. Lox has lectured internationally on Sports and Regenerative Medicine, including stem cell treatment for athletes injuries and the progression of degenerative arthritis from athletic injuries. Ian Beckles had Dr. Lox treat both his knees with stem cell therapy several years ago, and resumed an active lifestyle even teaching a spin class. A testament to not just decreasing his knee pain, but an increase in his functional level. Improved function and quality of life are prized goals of patients, and former professional athletes. Naturally current professional athletes measure success by returning to their sport.
Brandi Winans is an author, motivational speaker, and was married to a former Oakland Raider for over 30 years, and Brandi now is an NFL Alumni Liason. All of this gives her a unique perspective into injured athletes during and after their career. Brandi was also a multi-sport athlete, and like so many others began having pain in her shoulders and hips later in life. She decided to have stem cell therapy to her shoulders and hips with Dr. Lox, and now is on the road to recovery.
Having patients like Ian Beckles and Brandi Winans as part of a 3 part athletes and stem cell therapy are truly rewarding as patients and advocates for Dr. Lox and stem cell therapy. The other 2 segments featured NFL Hall of famer Derrick Brooks and Former World Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver.


Tampa Bay, Florida 727-462-5582

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California 310-975-7033

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A Sports Talk Trip with Dr. Lox to his Los Angeles based Beverly Hills, California Office

A Sports Talk Trip with Dr. Lox to his Los Angeles based Beverly Hills, California Office

Dr. Lox getting his hair cut at Giuseppe Franco with Antonia and World’s Tallest Bodybuilder, Aaron Reed.

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox and Giuseppe Franco

Trips for Dr. Lox to Beverly Hills, California can be hectic. Getting a haircut at Giuseppe Franco’s, lunch with world’s tallest bodybuilder, Aaron Reed.  You have to finish seeing patients, pack and get to the airport. Airport travel is more cumbersome today. Despite this you need to be in a good mood and try to be pleasant, because you never know what lies in store for you. This trip started as usual a race to the airport after, seeing patients. That’s when things changed positively in the universe. Dr. Lox is a Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in the metropolitan Los Angeles area of Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Lox treats a variety of Patients from professional athletes, celebrities, weekend warriors to those with arthritis pain as they age.

Dr. Lox and Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Lox Beverly Hills

Dr. Lox and Delta Flight Attendant

This trip to California started on a flight bound for Los Angeles, California. The flight attendant was moving the beverage cart and Dr. Lox was doing some paper work as usual. When the flight attendant got to Dr. Lox he asked for coffee. There was a long pause, so Dr. Lox stated “what, no coffee?”, the flight attendant said Dr. Lox it’s Ann your patient. Small world. She was gracious offering to move Dr. Lox to first class and add some Baileys Irish Creme to the coffee, however this was a blog writing trip…No Baileys this trip. Later Dr. Lox struck up a conversation with the passenger seated next to him. He was a sports buff. The conversation soon flourished to a round robin of who’s who in sport greatness, and the truly great legends. Interesting flight conversation worthy of a Renaissance man. We concluded Bo Jackson and Secretariat were clearly genetic freaks a cut above other greats. We bantered other worthy candidates Derrick Brooks the NFL Hall of Fame linebacker has been previously named by former teammate and retired NFL player now radio personality Ian Beckles, both patients of Dr. Lox.
Why this talk? Some athletes function on a higher planes than those around them. Michael Jordan did. Jim Brown did. Babe Ruth and Jesse Owens did. They are just different. In the case of Bo Jackson he still holds the unofficial 40 yard dash combine record of 4.12 seconds. He was big and strong and didn’t lift weights. He was just so good it was natural talent but of an extraordinary level. He played professional baseball and football, and excelled at both. He was electrifying to watch. In baseball a long fly ball was against the backfield wall, rather than crashing into it, Bo Jackson defied gravity and ran up the wall, turned dropped down then threw the ball a rifle shot to home plate. Nobody runs up a wall. Just try it. There was a Nike campaign Bo Knows Bo. If Bo Jackson struck out he broke the bat across his massive thighs like a twig. Don’t try this. It’s not normal. When Seattle Seahawk linebacker Brain Bosworth talked trash before a highly anticipated game with the Oakland Raiders, he said basically he would shut Bo Jackson down. Watch the highlights. Bo ran over Bosthworth, flattening him on his back in the end zone to score a touchdown. Bo stood over Bosworth and simply said next time take the bus. Bo Jackson was so good he left baseball season, and started football after baseball ended, without practicing he was the number one running back for Oakland making the great Marcus Allen number 2. That’s how great he was. If it wasn’t for a devastating freak accident to Bo Jackson’s hip he would have played longer. Bo Jackson developed avascular necrosis (AVN) of his hip, and eventually had a hip replacement.  Dr. Lox an expert on avascular necrosis (AVN) has lectured to university professors on the use of stem cells and Regenerative Medicine in the treatment of AVN. Imagine if stem cells were around during Bo Jackson’s career days. Dr. Lox has helped teenage athletes with AVN of various body parts return to their sport with stem cells and Regenerative Medicine strategies even getting college scholarships, a worthy goal when other doctors have said their sports career was over.  Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, and is considered by many to be the greatest horse in history. Secretariat not only won the tripe crown, but still to this day has the track record at the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and at The Belmont Stakes. Over 40 years later no horse has run faster on any of the three tracks. An incredible feat. Secretariat was later found to have an enlarged heart a trait that allowed him to pump larger amounts of oxygenated blood to increase speed and endurance…a truly genetic freak. Breeding attempts with Secretariat’s offspring failed to produce another heir worthy of his accomplishment. This was years later to be found to be because the enlarged heart gene was carried as an x gene trait, meaning it was passed by female offspring carrying this traits. Unknowingly breeding preferentially males to top mares did not accomplish this goal. It is possible after all these years Secretariat will stand the test of time until another super normal horse comes along. For now watch footage of the the three derby races and especially the Belmont many racing experts maintain is the greatest horse race accomplishment of all time in his 32 length margin of victory. The passenger sitting next to Dr. Lox he was an avid listener to iheart Los Angeles Sports Radio, and a fan of Petros Papadakis. Surprise again, Petros Papadakis a former USC halfback and team captain is also a Dr. Lox patient for an old football foot injury. Small world. After discussing golf, the passenger then stated he plays golf in Los Angeles and sometimes runs into Cleveland Brown and NFL hall of fame legendary great running back Jim Brown. If you are going to talk about the greatest sports legends this was an interesting way to spend a few hours traveling on a plane bound to a common end city of Los Angeles, California.
Concluding this interesting trip at the airport terminal in Tampa going back to baggage claim, Dr. Lox ran into another Tampa Bay passenger on. The same non-stop LAX from Los Angeles, California to Tampa. This patient Dr. Lox had previous sat with in The Los Angeles airport at LAX discussing the irony of running into him while they both traveled. Now Dr. Lox saw him again over a year later in a different airport he relayed the flight attendant story, and the patient said my knees are still good after knee stem cell therapy.

Tampa Bay, Florida 727-462-5582

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California 310-975-7033

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ABC Action News Dr. Lox with former NFL Players Derrick Brooks, Ian Beckles, former Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver and Brandi Winans

ABC Action News Dr. Lox with former NFL Players Derrick Brooks, Ian Beckles, former Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver and Brandi Winans

Dennis M. Lox M.D. was featured on ABC Action News with host Natalie Taylor.
Dr. Lox was joined by his patients NFL Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks, former NFL teammate Ian Beckles, former World Boxing Champion Antonio Tarver, and Author / NFL retired players liaison, Brandi Winans. The show was a discussion of stem cells for athletes with joint pain, patients dealing with arthritis and aging, and how to lead a better quality of life with new advancements in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy. The show is airing on ABC Action News as a three part series on Dr. Lox and Stem Cell Therapy with some of his more more famous celebrity professional athletes the challenges the face after their sports career is over, and what it is like to be an aging athlete.

About Dr. Dennis Lox


Dr. Lox is an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine and has treated many professional athletes from a vast variety of sports with stem cell therapy.
Dr. Lox has lectured across the globe on Sports Medicine and stem cell therapy.
Dr. Lox has a special expertise in arthritis, sports injuries and how aging effects joints such as knee, hip and shoulder pain by wear and tear as well as the degenerative process. Derrick Brooks is an acclaimed NFL linebacker inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. In addition, Derrick Brooks has many charitable organizations he works with. Ian Beckles, a former teammate with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a radio personality and is also involved with numerous charities. Antonio Tarver, a former multi-divisional World Boxing Champion and Tampa native also sought treatment with Dr. Lox and stem cell therapy for shoulder, knee and ankle injuries sustained during his boxing career. Derrick Brooks was a rarity in the NFL having no surgeries, and only minor injuries in his long illustrious career as a professional football player. Derrick Brooks turned to Dr. Lox after his NFL playing days were over for his wrist pain as a well as knee pain symptoms. Being a professional football player often results in injuries. After a players career is over, arthritis is a common problem. Dr. Lox treats not just athletes, but those with pain from arthritis later in life with Stem Cell therapy. Brandi Winans is an author, motivational speaker, was married to a former Oakland Raider, horsewoman, and liaison to the retired NFL players association. Brandi Winans also sought help from Dr. Lox for shoulder and hip pain as a result of a lifetime of active sports participation and as one ages the effects of time begin to take their toll on our bodies. Dr. Lox has treated patients from head to toe….literally, a ballerina’s toe successfully returning her to a ballet tour. No matter what your goal, discuss your situation with Dr. Lox for personalized approach to your health and Regenerative Medicine care.

Tampa Bay, Florida 727-462-5582

Beverly Hills, California 310-975-7033

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Hip AVN – Elite Soccer Player From Australia

Hip AVN – Elite Soccer Player From Australia Consults Dr. Dennis Lox. 


 AVN occurs when the blood supply to the bone becomes disrupted. Eventually, AVN  leads to ischemia and bone cell death (necrosis). For athletes, an AVN injury could be career ending so preventing rapid secondary degenerative arthritis should be the focus. When the bone collapses and the joint erodes joint replacement is imminent.

On the other hand, if prevention of joint collapse occurs then it may be possible to prevent a total joint replacement. Dr. Dennis Lox consulted with an Australian soccer player who developed hip AVN.  Dr. Lox has seen soccer players who developed avascular necrosis (AVN) and returning them to the field is paramount for their goals.  Sometimes, it is not possible, but often it happens.  Stem cell therapy is the last option for most athletes wanting to save their career.


Dr. Dennis Lox can accommodate the needs of patients throughout  the United States.  Many patients have traveled to his office in Florida and California seeking alternative options in hopes to avoid a surgery.

If you’re looking for an alternative to surgery, contact us at one of our locations.

Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582

Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

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Dr Lox on Low Back Pain – Weights, Exercises, Diet and Stem Cell Injections in LA

Your Low Back and Your Pain: Exercises and Weightlifting

A frequent question Dr. Lox is asked is, “What exercises are right to do for low back pain? What about lifting weights in the gym? Can stem cells help with their low back pain?”  Understanding low back pain, anatomy, and physiology are important.  There is no “one size fits all” exercise for everyone because not everyone has the same issue so not everyone should do the same low back exercise. 

An experienced Sports and Regenerative Medicine Physician will go over everything at the patient’s consultation.   The doctor will review the patient’s history, examination, X-rays, and MRI’s to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan. 

Weights and Your Back

Dr. Lox says “Don’t try this at home”.

A law of physics states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Lifting heavy weights impacts significant forces on the lower back including the disc, facet joints, ligaments, spinal canal, and the overlying musculature. Working with an expert to design the appropriate exercise program is very essential to success.

Diet and Your Weight on Your Back

Being 20 pounds overweight places approximately 100 pounds of additional force on a patient’s lower back. A patient suffering from low back pain should not carry a 100-pound backpack all day. Weight control through proper dieting and proper exercises is important.  Frequently, patients complain that they can’t exercise because of low back pain or weight gain.

Your Back and Stem Cell Injections

Depending on a patient’s condition, stem cell injections may be the right choice. Regenerative Medicine includes PRP, growth factors, scaffolds, and stem cell injections.

Consult with Dr. Lox today.

dr lox knee painBeverly Hills, California  (310) 975-7033

Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582

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Dr. Lox on Knee Pain Relief, Stem Cells and Running.

Running after having Knee Stem Cells

Running after knee stem cell injections with dr. lox

Kona Hawaii After Knee Stem Cell Injection with Dennis M.D., Lox M.D.

Tom, a Kona Hawaii native, has 20 of the 40 worldwide Ironman races under his belt and knees. Most elderly patients with knee arthritis seek pain relief but for this athlete, his attitude takes him to the elite realm of athletes.

Knee Pain and Running

Dr. Lox, an expert who truly knows the field stem cell science, has the experience and knowledge to design a Regenerative Medicine program.  A 5’2″ 300-pound woman with knee arthritis is not the same as a 6’5″ man who weighs 240 pounds. This difference is the amount of weight dispersed on the individual’s knee. Obviously, both patients need to lose weight to optimize their goals and should understand the acceleration of knee arthritis.

The possibility to improve knee pain with stem cell therapy injections is appealing to most patients because  Knee arthritis is a progressive disorder. This multi-approach effort to make your body systemically healthier from the disease will provide less toxic adipokines, which is bad for the heart. No two patients are alike because everyone has specific goals, needs, wants, and desires.  However, a frequent request is to avoid knee replacement surgery.

Tampa Bay Area, Florida (727) 462-5582

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

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Dr. Lox on Bodybuilding, Weightlifting and Shoulder Arthritis Pain

Athletes and Weightlifting

Weightlifting, Shoulder Pain and Aging

Dr. Dennis Lox, a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert discusses athletes shoulder pain from weightlifting, sports exercises, and how to find knee pain relief with so many confusing options and opinions.

A specialist like Dr. Lox is needed to examine and listen to the athletes symptoms, training regime and make recommendations for treatment from Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell therapy and exercises to reduce pain and give shoulder pain relief.
Often many aspects of the shoulder are problems. The rotator cuff, the glenoid labrum, the shoulder joint may be arthritic, the biceps may be worn, a ligament may be torn, or a bone spur may be hitting a tendon of the rotator cuff. Several are often involved. Swelling or joint fluid know. As an effusion or bursitis is often present when symptoms are worse. Knowing where to inject, what to inject, and having the experience with localizing aids such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance are routine. That comes with expertise.
Aftercare and when to exercise and how to exercise the athletes shoulder to get the best results is also part of the experts job. Not to worry, Dr. Lox knows this and it is part of the process. Often an imbalance between shoulder internal rotators versus external rotators must be addressed.

Frank Zane a 3 time Mr. Olympia, is considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.  His physique is often cited as the most symmetrically pleasing expression of bodybuilding of all time with his posing routines an expression of art. Dr. Lox has received advice from Frank Zane for over 20 years on nutrition, proper weightlifting, bodybuilding, and mind-body medicine. 

Dr. Lox is incorporating mind-body medicine into his current role as Medical Director for a Wellness and Anti-Aging Institute. This institute was previously directed towards arthritis research, until they discovered over decades Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Science and Mind-body medicine were vital and more productive than traditional treatments, which do not deter arthritis progression over time. 

frank zane

frank zane dr lox

Frank Zane

Many athletes have multiple pain problems but shoulder and knee pain are most common in athletes who incorporate weightlifting as their primary exercise. Athletes are interested in healthy, nonsurgical methods that will aid healing, making Sports and Regenerative Medicine a natural fit. Those looking for shoulder and knee pain relief with Stem Cell Therapy include the highest level of weightlifters and bodybuilders.

Frank Zane has written several books on various related subjects, and has a major advancement in the mind-body world for all to help with relaxation, meditation, or just boost your energy in the day.  Dr. Lox has been using a version of Zane’s mind machine for over 20 years. Joint protection has become a tenet of Dr. Lox’s unique approach because aging athletes develop joint arthritis, which is progressive in nature but can be altered. 

Traditional modern medicine may alleviate pain, however, they do not alter the progression of joint arthritis over time.  Stem cell injections into your shoulder or knee can be viewed as turning back the clock of time. A  desirable goal for many, and the reason so many top elite athletes are turning to stem cells during and after their sporting career. Dr. Dennis Lox has treated athletes of every sport, not just weightlifters and bodybuilders with knee and shoulder pain issues. Additionally, Dr. Lox has lectured around the world with some of leading Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Scientists, on the nature of joint arthritis progression and how stem cells may be the game changer for halting osteoarthritis joint degeneration over time, and as an aid when it occurs.

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman an 8 time Mr. Olympia, turned to Dr. Lox for treatment. Lifting extremely heavy weights over time accelerates the arthritic curve. Ronnie Coleman is known for his ability to lift massive amounts of weights. 

Aaron Reed

Dr. Lox met Aaron Reed, Worlds Tallest Bodybuilder and years later there friendship continues. Aaron has written 2 books on nutrition and bodybuilding which Dr. Lox has read and written a testament for.


Dr.Lox also treats patients throughout the U.S. and has had the opportunity to treat many athletes with injuries that have affected their weightlifting. Dr. Lox also treats hips, ankles, wrists, spines and even Ballerina toes.  He has used his expertise in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, and knowledge of rehabilitation exercises to assist patients after stem cell therapy for many injuries.

Shoulder Pain, Lifting Weights and Exercises

Antonio Tarver

Antonio Tarver

Antonio Tarver, a former world champion professional boxer consulted Dr. Lox for shoulder pain relief. Patients who are told to have their shoulders replaced or wish to avoid shoulder joint replacement consult Dr. Lox for arthritis alternative strategies, such as stem cell therapy.  A lot of these athletes often use weightlifting to develop more power and strength in their sport which leads to shoulder problems such as: rotator cuff injury, arthritic shoulder joint, worn biceps, torn ligament, bone spurs, swelling and joint fluid.  Imagine being a boxer, and visualize your shoulder punching over and over. Same with baseball pitchers and tennis serves. Antonio Tarver, a former world champion professional boxer knows this well. He consulted Dr. Lox for shoulder pain relief. All these athletes often use weightlifting to develop more power and strength in their sport. To do so with traditional bench press and overhead presses, just add to the shoulder problems.

dr lox knee pain






Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582

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LA California Man with Hip Osteonecrosis has Hip Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

An LA California Patient with Hip Osteonecrosis has Hip Stem Cells

A patient from California with hip osteonecrosis, opted for hip stem cells with Dr. Lox in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of Beverly Hills. The patient was young and athletic, and did not want to consider hip replacement surgery, moreover, he was looking for Regenerative Medicine as an option to help his body heal itself. The prospect of doing nothing, and hoping his hip osteonecrosis (AVN) would not worsen or collapse was also not appealing. Await and do nothing approach is not appealing to young athletic patients. The prospect of being proactive with Regenerative Medicine options are appealing to patients diagnosed with hip osteonecrosis or often referred to as avascular necrosis (AVN).

What is Osteonecrosis?

Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis (AVN), occurs when the blood supply to a region of one has been disrupted. This leads to bone cell ischemia and bone cell death or necrosis. Osteo refers to bone, while necrosis refers to bone cell death. Avascular refers to a loss of blood flow, and necrosis, again me as cell death. Osteonecrosis or AVN most frequently occurs following trauma, and there is pain. The problem is with hip trauma and AVN, how do you distinguish pain from trauma from a relatively rare AVN occurrence?

Bo Jackson

Sports history buffs know of the legend of Bo Jackso, who hurt his hip playing professional football. He was helped off the field with the injury, which is not uncommon in football. Osteonecrosis or AVN is statistically rare in football injuries so osteonecrosis was not immediately suspected in Bo Jackson’s case. The football season ended and he awaited spring training in baseball. During this time his hip pain continued.

An X-ray showed advanced hip joint arthritis and joint collapse which can occur in AVN. interestingly, though many consider Bo Jackson, the worlds greatest athlete, he considers his fear of failure helped to set him apart. This is not uncommonly heard from some of the most outstanding athletes, scientists, and even elite sports and stem cell physicians. to strive for greatness…can become greatest with the desire, and superior genes, just look at Michael Jordan. Therefore, an expert in the evaluation and treatment of osteonecrosis, such as Dr. Lox is important.

michael Jordan video

What are the symptoms of Hip Osteonecrosis?

Hip Osteonecrosis or AVN usually presents with hip or groin pain. It may present as stiffness or pain in the buttocks. Loss of hip range of motion can occur and a limp will be visible. The pain may develop insidiously or acutely following an injury.

What Are the Causes of Osteonecrosis?

Trauma is the leading cause of osteonecrosis. Trauma to the hip is the most frequent site of osteonecrosis development while an unknown cause of the Osteonecrosis is the second leading cause. This can be unsettling to the patient, as most people want answers, especially if it will get worse, or show up somewhere else. Autoimmune diseases disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis or lupus is also associated with the development of osteonecrosis. A patient who receives radiation therapy and chemotherapy have an increased risk association for osteonecrosis or AVN. Furthermore, Decompression sickness or Caisson’s disease may form bubbles that obstruct blood flow leading to osteonecrosis. A form of lipid storage disease referred to as Gaucher’s disease may directly block blood flow as well, resulting in the onset of osteonecrosis.

Treatment of Hip Osteonecrosis 

Other surgical techniques such as microfracture or core decompression have built-in healing limitations and is an extremely painful and lengthy recovery. Free fibular vascular grafts are difficult and require a lengthy recovery.Regenerative Medicine options such as hip stem cell therapy, are providing a more viable option for patients. This includes the ease of hip stem cell therapy treatment and direct hip injection technique, for hip osteonecrosis (AVN) patients looking for alternatives to hip arthroscopic surgery or hip replacement surgery.

Tampa Bay Area, Florida (727) 462-5582

 Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

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Dr. Lox talks Shoulder Pain with Ron Diaz and Jay Recher on iHeart 620 AM

Dr. Lox talks Shoulder Pain with Ron Diaz and Jay Recher on iheart 620 AM

Dennis M. Lox M.D. was invited back on iheart 620’s Radio studio to talk sports problems, with Ron Diaz fielding questions on shoulder pain. Ron first queried about the use of stem cells in Major League Baseball pitchers throwing arm. Dr. Lox has treated many of the Major League pitchers before and after shoulder arthroscopic surgery, as well as Tommy John elbow surgery. Decades of repetitive use on the shoulder can result in shoulder pain syndromes, as well as years of weightlifting. Ron Diaz stated he is one of those decades long weightlifters and will be seeing Dr. Lox for his shoulder pain.

Baseball Pitchers and Shoulder Pain

Baseball pitchers place undue stress on their pitching shoulders. When shoulder injuries occur, it can often mean the end of a baseball career. Some pitchers return to the Major league’s after shoulder surgery, others do not. Of those who do, the average duration of innings pitches is around 100. Those with stellar long careers after shoulder surgery are the fortunate, not the norm. For this reason, pitchers opt for Regenerative Medicine procedures like stem cell therapy to help their bodies heal themselves.

Tennis Players and Shoulder Pain

Tennis players serve overhead, which places stress on multiple areas of the shoulder. It is not uncommon to see partial rotator cuff tears, most commonly the supraspinatus tendon. The supraspinatus tendon often is impinged underneath the acromioclavicular joint, referred to as impingement syndrome. Labral tears and shoulder joint arthritis are often seen in long-term tennis players. Obviously, the longer one has played tennis the more repetitive stress on the shoulder. Even heavy forehand topspins, involve follow through with the arm elevated, as well as follow through in one-handed backhands.

Weightlifting and Shoulder Pain

Weightlifting can result in acute injuries, such as bicep tears, rotator cuff tears, Labral tears, but more frequently chronic shoulder pain problems occur over time. What was easy in youth pushups, pull-ups and bar dips, get tougher with age as the shoulder joint becomes less forgiving. There are so many problems that can arise from weightlifting an experienced specialist such as Dr. Lox is important to get a correct diagnosis, and treatment strategy. Specific problems need specific treatment strategies and it is equally important to understand what makes it worse. Having treated young lifters to professional Mr. Olympia’s, Dr. Lox understands not only weightlifting injuries and treatment but weightlifting modifications for your shoulder.

Shoulder Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Lox is an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine who has treated athletes from a wide spectrum of sports. Additionally, patients who develop shoulder arthritis as they age have consulted Dr. Lox for shoulder stem cell therapy. Dr. Lox has also been featured as the sports medicine expert on the Sports Injury Report and various other news media reports on stem cell therapy across the nation.


Tampa Bay Area, Florida 727-462-5582

Beverly Hills, California 310-975-7033

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Shoulder Pain That Keeps You Down

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Chronic shoulder pain may arise from many different underlying causes. Surprisingly though, the nondominant arm is often the problem shoulder. Some people have shoulder pain that evolves slowly, while others only develop shoulder pain at an advanced age. The late onset of shoulder pain is associated with severe degenerative changes and patients are shocked to hear they may need a shoulder replacement surgery.

Shoulder Pain Syndromes at a Glance

This  list makes up a great majority of frequently seen shoulder problems:
– Shoulder Arthritis
– Shoulder Impingement
– Rotator Cuff Tears
– Bicep Tears
– Labral Tears
– Fractures
– Acromioclavicular (AC) separations and arthritis
– Shoulder AVN or Osteonecrosis

Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is not specific to a problem as symptoms can be derived from underlying problems. Additionally, when a patient presents and the supraspinatus tendon is compressed against the acromioclavicular joint (AC), visible damage to the AC is clear on x-ray. Additionally, a spur may extend downward from the AC joint which acts like a dagger sticking into the supraspinatus tendon when certain movements or impingement occurs. Some people have a variant type of AC joint known as a downsloping acromion, which acts as a spur. This essentially results in a net lack of clearance for the supraspinatus tendon with certain motions. Over time the supraspinatus will wear from friction against the AC joint resulting in fraying, scarring or over supraspinatus tears.

Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582

 Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033

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