A Patient from New York with hip AVN consults Dr. Lox

Regenerative Therapy and Hip AVN


Severe AVN of the hip

A patient from New York was diagnosed with hip AVN,  then flew to see Dennis M. Lox M.D an expert in Sports and Regenerative Therapy. Dr. Lox has special expertise in the area of avascular necrosis. AVN sometimes called osteonecrosis, occurs when the blood flow to a region of bone is impaired. This impaired blood flow leads to ischemia of the bone or necrosis. Literally, the bone cells die. This is why AVN is also sometimes referred to as ischemic necrosis. All the names are the same problem, just different monikers for the same disorder.

What Causes AVN?

Regenerative Medicine has become an increasingly popular alternative strategy for the treatment of AVN (hip). The gravest concern with the diagnosis of avascular necrosis is the necrotic region of bone may collapse, leading to rapid joint destruction. Often a joint replacement surgery is then recommended. The hip is the most commonly affected joint with AVN. Trauma is by far the leading cause of AVN. Sometimes no known cause is identified and this is referred to as idiopathic or unknown. The hip can frequently be affected on both sides, or present atypical in a hip and a knee. Early diagnosis and treatment with an expert skilled in treating AVN are important.

hip avn

Both hips affected by AVN.

AVN, if diagnosed early may preserve a patients options with Regenerative Medicine. Too often patients are told to wait and see. Meaning if the AVN gets worse, hip replacement surgery is the next step. This is not appealing to most patients, especially athletes. This has lead to the expansion of patients seeking Regenerative Medicine options as an alternative strategy to just waiting and see what happens. This type of proactive approach is the hallmark of Regenerative Medicine. Helping the body to heal itself, is not only appealing it is proactive.

Who else has Avascular Necrosis (AVN) Affected?

Repair and regenerate are the cornerstones of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. The ability to repair the damage associated with avascular necrosis has helped athletes to return to their chosen sport. Some legendary athletes like Bo Jackson developed hip AVN, which ended his football career. Brett Favre when he was traded to the Green Bay Packers the team physcian noted he had Hip AVN on an x-ray, and did not want to clear him. the coach overruled this, and the rest is history as Brett Favre had a tremendously long football career. Mike Napoli in baseball lost a large contract due to his hip AVN diagnosis and was resigned to a much smaller one. Ray Emery a hockey goalie, als had hi scareer affected by hip AVN. Dr. Lox has successfully helped teen athletes, who were told they needed joint fusion or joint replacement. Dr. Lox assisted them to go back to their sport and get collegiate sports scholarships. Dr. Lox has incorporated Regenerative Medicine strategies, and hip stem cell therapy successfully not only for athletes, but patients who wish to just have a normal lifestyle, and avoid hip replacement surgery. These are all are worthwhile goals.


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