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With Dr. Lox, you can ask your questions and he will address and answer them in understandable language – pure and simple.You cannot make a sound decision about your health if you lack information, or you are given information you do not understand.

Dr. Lox will listen to you. In fact, he needs to listen. He cannot make sound recommendations to improve your quality of life if you do not ask your questions or let him know what is going on.

Once you have asked your questions and understand the answers, Dr. Lox can discuss appropriate treatment options with you so that you can make sound decisions and he can then implement a plan that will best assist you.

So why should you schedule an appointment with Dr. Lox and the Florida Spine Center?

Because he will listen to you, and together, we can implement a treatment plan to improve the quality of your life. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lox, contact the Florida Spine Center at 727-462-5582 .