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Stem Cells, PRP and Google Ads

The New Norm For Google Ads for Stem Cells and PRP

There is new a Google Ads format arising October 1, 2019.

Google will no longer allow ads for stem cell or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). This has been coming since 2017 when Google Ads shut down many sites pay per clicking to the top of word searches.

Many investigational or deemed experimental procedures can be affected. The neophytes claiming to be experts will be surprised. There has been so many many parties jumping into the stem cell arena, it was hard to know week to week who was who. Certainly there was not an influx of experienced trained experts flooding the market.

Nothing quite like this has happened in Medicine, except the proliferation of pain clinics at one time. This has now been tightly regulated with obvious need. Experienced trained doctors have no problem prescribing pain medications appropriately.

google ads logo blurred

The Google Ads policy is for all investigational or experimental treatments. This may ultimately include the expansion of CBD and marijuana.

The Proliferation of Stem Cell Clinics Dubbed the Wild West

Many factors accounted for this. There was a time when there was just a small group of highly dedicated medical doctors practicing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy.

The addition of many more multiple franchise proliferations continued. Then groups began forming with chiropractors, who employed nurse practitioners or physicians assistants to do their injections, bypassing state medical guidelines. Some of these received online training. Really, as astounding as this seems this happened.

google ads has opened the door to the stem cell wild west
Stem cell clinics are becoming the Wild West of regenerative medicine because of false treatment claims and unproven treatments that could in fact be harmful

Then the tissue birth products bypassed the FDA drug approval process needed for a stem cell drug. A tissue product with growth factors was marketed as a stem cell drug by representatives of companies. Next, the explosion of these companies took off without much regulation.

Naturally, problems began to occur with sterility and other issues of using another persons body products in their body, without proper regulation.

This occurred previously in compound pharmacies trying to cut corners for profit, and bad events and even deaths occurred.

Obviously, these bad compound pharmacies went out of business. The same trend has occurred in Regenerative Medicine. There are so many companies making claims the FDA had to act in response. The easy marketing ploy was younger cells were better, and many patients bought into this, literally.

However, unbeknownst to many company reps, and those buying these products, they didn’t know or care about the true facts.

This is going to change.

With the FDA ruling recently regarding a stem cell company for injuring patients, numerous other warning letters, and other FDA pending suits, misrepresentation of facts, and harming patients will no longer be tolerated.

Injecting patients’ eyes by untrained doctors with bad outcomes is unacceptable. So was injecting patients spines with compounded drugs contaminated with fungus.

There was no acceptable response to using cheaper unsafe compound pharmacy drugs for injecting into human bodies, when there are drugs safely made in large manufacturing drug companies.

There was no reason for this except monetary. Most of this is all unnecessary overzealous greed.

hand reaching for google ads money
Greed is causing false claims to be made by pop-up ‘stem cell’ clinics.

Making claims of treating diseases from diabetes, to heart disease, neurological disorders, erectile dysfunction, and arthritis all under one roof is non-sensical.

Especially from chiropractors.

There are reasons there are medical boards for specialized training. You would not want your obstetrician operating on your heart, nor your chiropractors physician assistant.

Common sense needs to come into play, and hopefully with Google making it harder for the “BAD ACTORS” to stand out by not being able to use Google advertising, this will allow better research, not just seeing what is on top of the google search.

Marketing Chains from Birth Tissue in a Vial to Multiple Franchises

The Machinery of Inexperienced Sales Reps to New Doctors, Chiropractors and the overall lack of understanding.

So many patients have come in with stories of claims made at seminars, umbilical cord, placental, cord blood, and even common confusion over embryonic cells. Many hear umbilical and say embryonic instead. It really is that common. There was never this confusion years ago.

Dennis M. Lox M.D., having lectured twice at the International Perinatal Stem Cell Society Meeting, knew first-hand the original intention of trying to get a Perinatal tissue product approved, and then how could it be used in conjunction with helping patients with orthopedic or sports medicine injuries.

dr lox lectures
Dr. Lox has been lecturing on Reparative Therapy since 2011

The intention was never the widespread proliferation of tissue grafts products, being used or marketed as stem cell products by unscrupulous individuals to sell these products as stem cell drug therapies claiming to be cure all for so many disease states before drug testing, and FDA approval was done. Business interests bypassed the International Perinatal Stem Cell Society’s intention. Now a lot of what is being termed “Bad Actors” in both tissue banks, and sellers of these products are being called into question with FDA warning letters for mislabeling and misrepresentation as Stem Cell products, product recalls for sterility issues, and finally Google banning Stem Cell and PRP ads.

Why Being an Expert Still Matters

Perhaps it will again. Experience through patient care, and understanding the science is invaluable to understanding how to treat each patient.

There is no cook book for every patient. That part has failed to be recognized by many in the university and pharmaceutical industry when trying to explore effective human analogies to animal data.

Animal studies are uniform, humans are not.

all patients are different
Everyone is different. They have different lifestyles and diets.

There is the science of medicine, and the art of medicine. An experienced knee replacement orthopedic surgeon knows the difference between healthy and obese patients on outcome.

If all plastic surgery was uniform no one would have bad facelifts. Humans will always have variables that affect the outcome, and this is not just common sense, but scientific. Knowing the science and the subtle nuances of human beings is so important to outcomes and determinations of success.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. practices personalized medicine with this approach.

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Dennis M. Lox, M.D. maintains an active practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.

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