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Research Analyst Asks Dr. Lox for Knee Cartilage Repair References: Part Two

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Knee Arthritis is not static, it’s progressive.

Knee arthritis or degenerative osteoarthritis is like all degenerative arthritis. It is progressive by nature, which means it is not static or stays the same over a period of time.

Your knee arthritis will get worse over time, and this is easily seen on x-rays over a 5-10 year period. More progressive over longer periods.

The nature of the progression varies from individual to individual based on many factors:

A lot of variables which can alter the progression of knee arthritis over an 8 year time period. This is much more accentuated over longer periods of time.

Patients are often surprised to see the progression of degenerative knee osteoarthritis over periods of time on their x-rays. However, this is exactly what needs to be done, to explain the entire problem to patients. This type of information is important for patients to understand to make good informed decisions about their Regenerative Medicine health care options. Often this discussion involves wanting to avoid knee replacement surgery. To make good decisions, good information must be provided to allow them to make educated informed decisions.

Regenerative Medicine and Knee Cartilage Repair will Be Affected By Many Variables

Just as knee osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis is progressive, and affected by many variables, the same variables can impact the effect of Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy and cartilage repair. Height to weight ratios are important. Most Americans gain weight over time.

Approximately 10 pounds per decade. That has a magnified effect of force on the knee. It is like 50 pounds of force, over 10 years that’s a lot of extra load on the knee. Naturally, that translates to more wear than someone of the same height who doesn’t gain the 10 pounds.

Now, being more complex what if the knee injury is not the same for the two individuals? Than we have two sets of different variables. Now add one runs marathons, and the other is a tile layer.

One has had two prior knee meniscal surgeries, one has a leg shorter than the other, one has psoriatic arthritis, the other doesn’t. One is 28 the other is 64. The 28 year old is 6’1” and 175 pounds, the 64 year old is 5’8” and 255 pounds. Try and make sense of this if you are not an expert in this field.

Now a research paper may have 120 patients in the study, but lacks the specifics just alluded to. That is why interpreting knee cartilage repair studies in humans is not so easy for the untrained eye. It is quite simply why we have a ways to go, but for those who understand this, and are experts in the field, we have a vast resource of experience to help guide the patients in the right direction.

However most doctors do not lecture to University Professors or write medical textbooks or medical abstracts on their field.

Dr. Lox has, so most patients do appreciate an honest answer to their questions. That is how it should be done.

Patients deserve honest answers to their questions. Dr. Lox practices Sports and Regenerative Medicine in The Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.

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