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PRP Effective Treatment for Tendinopathy: Study

Mar 19, 2012

Use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), along with ultrasound-guided needle tenotomy, was shown in a study to be an effective treatment for chronic, recalcitrant tendinopathy. The study was conducted by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, MN. Study results were published in the October 2011 journal of PM&R (

Tendinopathy is a broad term for a common, painful problem occurring in and around tendons, in response to overuse.;;Recent basic science research suggests little or no inflammation is present in these conditions, although many treatment options are aimed at reducing inflammation. Today, tendinopathy is thought to be a degenerative process.

In the Mayo Clinic study, 51 patients with chronic, recalcitrant tendinopathy received ultrasound-guided needle tenotomy and an injection of autologous platelet-rich plasma. The mean follow up visit was 14 months postprocedure, and maximum benefits occurred four months postprocedure.

Although no tendons demonstrated a normal sonographic appearance, 83 percent of the subjects were satisfied with the outcome and would recommend the procedure to a friend.

These study results are consistent with what our patients with similar conditions have experienced.. This study adds support to the growing body of evidence that indicates that platelet-rich plasma is effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.


Dr Dennis Lox has been sucessfully preforming PRP therapy for several years. Dr. Lox is located in the Tampa bay area in Clearwater, Florida






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About the Author

Dennis M. Lox M.D. is an internationally renown Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist. Dr. Lox incorporates Regenerative Medicine techniques such as cell science applications, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Tissue Engineering aspects, to help patients from around the world with a vast array of problems. Dr. Lox is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lox lectures extensively and has edited two PM&R textbooks, the prestigious A State of the Art Review (Star) on Low Back Pain, and Soft Tissue Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. maintains an active practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.