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avn of both femurs

When AVN is Multi-joint

The hip is most commonly affected joint with avascular necrosis or AVN.

The hip is also the most common joint with multi-joint avascular necrosis. AVN is also commonly referred to as osteonecrosis, both terms mean the same process.

AVN occurs when the blood supply to a region of bone is disrupted leading to bone cell death.

AVN of Both Femurs

The most common presentation of multiple joint AVN is when both hips are involved. AVN of both femurs is generally not traumatic induced, which is the leading cause of AVN or Osteonecrosis. The next most frequently seen cause of Osteonecrosis is idiopathic or unknown cause.

avn of both femurs
Health Hip vs Hip with AVN

Idiopathic AVN May be multi-joint or in a single joint. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose because there is no clear cut reason for it. Often when idiopathic AVN or Osteonecrosis is diagnosed, forgetting it may show up in other joints leads to progression of degenerative arthritis as the avascular necrosis is not identified until it has progressed.

This leads to the necrosis portion of the bone collapsing, and a rapid joint degenerative destruction occurs. This is why consulting an expert in AVN is important.

Dr. Lox has a patient with AVN of both femurs (hips), both knees, and both ankles, thankfully this is rare. Osteonecrosis can also seen in one hip and one knee, usually the same leg. Any presentation is possible, therefore when dealing with AVN, paying close attention to new pain complaints is important when treating patients with AVN.

What Causes AVN or Osteonecrosis?

There are many different causes of AVN, but the majority cases include traumatic injury or excessive drug use (primarily alcohol).

It is estimated that 5-8% of the roughly 500,000 total hip replacements performed in the United States annually are the result of AVN.

Why is AVN Sometimes Seen in More Than One Joint?

Good question, yet sometimes the answer is unknown.

In systemic associated causative factors, such as high dose corticosteroids, vasculitis, or lipid storage diseases, widespread blood flow is impaired, leading to multi-joint Osteonecrosis or AVN.

Does AVN of both Femurs (multi-joint) Change Treatment Options?

Yes, it certainly can. Consideration for treating one or both hips affected with AVN, is often the subject of lengthy discussions with Dr. Lox. This is very essential as the patient must have proper understanding of their condition.

Many other specialist may spend a brief time discussing recommendations, commonly it is wait and see, or let’s replace one or both hips. This type of confusing and conflicting information given from several medical doctors really is a source of deep concern, and frustration for t(e patient and their families.

Regenerative Medicine Options such as tissue Engineering and stem cell science still apply to multi-joint Osteonecrosis, it is just more complicated. The same as having hip and knee degenerative arthritis. This is commonly seen in many patients. Treatment strategies are tailored to each individuals needs goals and desires.

Dr. Lox utilizes a personalized approach to each patient’s care. To schedule a consultation contact us or call (727) 462-5582.

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