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Knee Stem Cell Injections

Knee Stem Cell Injections can be a treatment for chronic pain such as Avascular Necrosis as a means of non-surgical treatment as opposed to surgery. Stem Cell Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis using platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy to regenerate joint tissue has been utilized for over a decade with notable results.

The area of injury or arthritis is treated with both stem cells and platelet rich plasma. A combination of growth factors and platelets naturally found in the body, provides cell signals and nourishment to help the stem cells flourish and develop into new joints, ligaments, tendons, and other body parts. Platelet rich plasma not only triggers stem cell development, but can also help stem cells regenerate on their own inside the body, and can also attract circulating stem cells to the area of injury.

In most cases of Knee Stem Cell Injections and platelet rich plasma therapy are successful, and one avoids the pain, disability, the down time, and risks associated with major surgery. There is a minimal recovery from the use of stem cell or platelet rich plasma treatment. There have been no reports of serious adverse effects in the scientific literature when adult stem cells are used in these procedures. Afterwards patients are encouraged to use the joint normally, and follow up treatments of platelet rich plasma are given in monthly intervals to continue to allow the stem cells to do their work. Since stem cell treatment is very safe, it can be repeated in the joint if necessary to obtain positive results. Having treatment with stem cells does not make a person ineligible for surgery in anyway.