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Dr. Lox on: Jujitsu Football Player with Neck Pain

Martial Artist in Ju Jitsu and Football Player Turns to Dr. Lox

A 40-year-old ex-football defensive, long time Jiu Jitsu martial artist, who has been having progressive neck pain for several years consulted Dennis M.Lox M.D. In addition to his neck pain, he has had severe headaches. He noted massage and stretching were helpful. He has seen several physicians, and an MRI was obtained. There were several minor things pointing to early arthritis and a small disc bulge. Nothing extraordinary for a defensive end football player, and a contact martial artist of two decades. He was offered the standard array of invasive options, which he declined, he sought out Dr. Lox after researching Sports and Regenerative Medicine.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. Sports and Regenerative Medicine

He was intrigued if he was a candidate for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Scientific applications. To him, this seemed a more reasonable option as an athlete who desired to continue in his sport, and he was not impressed with spine surgical success rates. He found Dr. Lox’s background in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell scientific applications, and Rehabilitation has lead athletes from all areas of sports to treat with him. Dr. Lox has seen professional athletes active and retired, high school and collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, and those aging athletes whose previous injuries are now haunting them with pain and arthritis. Dr. Lox treats all types of athletes in Beverly Hills, California, and in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Athletes and non-athletes with a variety of musculoskeletal problems, have seen Dr. Lox from all over the world at his California and Florida office.

Sports and Neck Surgery

In the United States, spine surgery is less than 50% successful. Surviving one attempt at Russian roulette has better odds. So does climbing Mount Everest and living. Not very comforting statistics. That is roughly the same for neck and back surgery. Needless to say, with 50% success rates returning to ones chosen sport is going to be affected. Especially physically contact sports like martial arts and Jui Jitsu. Knowing high intense athletes well, Dr. Lox understands, that return to their sport is an important goal, and strives to assist them to obtain this goal. One look at professional football players who return to football after neck fusion is infrequent. It is difficult and potentially dangerous. Peyton Manning, Charles Haley, and Mike Alstott did after neck fusions. Many such as Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys just retired. Peyton Manning did win a Super Bowl, after a neck fusion, and a trip to Germany for neck stem cells after his surgery, however, he still did not get all his arm strength back. This affected his velocity on throwing the football. Peyton Manning retired after his Superbowl win.

The Complicated Neck Pain

Reasonable goals and the right problem determine success in the treatment of neck pain and the utilization of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Scientific applications. Not everything in the neck or back can be magically fixed with stem cells, especially after surgery. The spine is a very complicated structure. It is a muti-segmental chain. The cervical spine or neck has 7 levels with a total of 21 small joints or moving parts. 1 disc and 2 facet joints per every 7 levels. That is not a knee where you have a hinge joint, and simplistically a left knee and a right knee. An aging athlete or one in traumatic contact sports has an accelerated worn or arthritic spine due to cumulative trauma, add surgery or a whiplash car accident on top of it, and it quickly gets more difficult. these situations are routinely encountered. This is one of the many reasons for the poor surgical success rates of spines.

Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and Neck Pain

Consultation with an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Science and Spine problems such as Dennis M. Lox M.D., can help guide the decision making the process to a successful one for the athlete with neck or back pain. That is what this former defensive end football player and Ju-Jitsu martial artist wanted, and received after consulted and treating with Dr. Lox.

Dr. Lox treats athletes from sports. Professional athletes, retired and active, weekend warriors, and those whose old injuries are now returning to haunt them with pain and arthritis.


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