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Cervical Disk Disease

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Cervical disk disease is also known as cervical disk herniation or cervical disk degeneration. The term refers to the bulging, rupture or herniation, or degeneration of a vertebral disk in the cervical area of the spine (the neck). Any of these conditions can cause pressure on the nerve, in turn causing pain.

In some cases of disk degeneration, spurs or osteophytes may form at disk edges, as vertebra move closer together.

Symptoms of Cervical Disk Disease

Symptoms of cervical disk disease include:

  • Neck and arm pain, which may radiate down into the hand.
  • Numbness and tingling over the arm and hand.
  • Weakness of the hand and arm muscles may also develop.

Treatments for Cervical Disk Disease

Cervical Disk Disease is a condition usually treated without surgery or invasive procedures. Proper exercise, anti-inflammatory medications, epidural injections and chiropractic care are all possible methods for relieving pain due to cervical disk disease. In limited cases, spinal surgery may be an option.

If you continue to suffer with cervical disk disease and your current treatment plan leaves you feeling hopeless, perhaps a fresh set of experienced eyes can change your outlook. Since 1990, Dennis M. Lox, M.D has applied his personal interests in sports medicine, cutting-edge regenerative medicine and chronic pain management to helping patients increase their quality of life. Contact us for an appointment at 727-462-5582.

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