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A Week In the Life of a Sports and Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Doctor

Dr .Lox
Dr. Dennis Lox

Not all weeks are the same for Dennis M. Lox M.D., a Sports and Regenerative Medicine expert. Dr. Lox sees patients from all over the world, and some have quite unusual stories. This week was very sports oriented, with a lot of different martial artists. Dr. Lox’s schedule just works that way some times, there are many different types of Sports and Regenerative Medicine patients. Once in a while, it goes in streaks.

Martial Artists wanting Regenerative Medicine Therapy

martial artistIn this particular week, Dr. Lox saw several new patients who were all martial artists. Random luck, but very interesting stories.  A 64-year-old Kung Fu Master with shoulder pain, impingement syndrome. He was pretty much training and sparring with only one arm at this point. It was obvious he needed treatment. Dr. Lox performed a Regenerative Medicine stem cell treatment on his shoulder. He was restricted in Martial Arts workouts for the affected shoulder for 6 months, to allow time for his shoulder to adequately heal. At approximately 7 months he resumed full contact sparring and was pleased as his shoulder pain had resolved. His type of Kung Fu sparring was practically no holds barred. So he returned to the sport at a very high level.  An 80-year-old Tae Kwon Do Black Belt with two bad arthritic knees was seen by Dr. Lox.  He was in superb shape except for his knees. He had practiced Muy Thai kickboxing since he was young, and incorporated striking his shins with a 2X4 to toughen his shins. It worked. He had an extensive callous formation. It had the appearance of a bad surgical scar. Doing this for 40 years toughen his shins to break objects easily, however, the accumulated stress resulted in the development of degenerative knee arthritis. Dr. Lox treated both knees with Regenerative Medicine stem cell treatments. After injecting both knees, he demonstrated his flexibility by performing the splits for the office. He was a superbly conditioned 80-year-old athlete.  An Aikido Master Instructor with a bad arthritic hip consulted Dr. Lox. Kicking over the years had damaged his hip. His hip had moderate arthritis. Otherwise, he was in great shape.  He responded well to the Regenerative Medicine treatment and returned to training several months later.  Martial artists are very tough and typically stoic from all the years of developing the body and mind. They are excellent patients.

High School Gymnast with Wrist Paingymnast with shoulder pain

A high school gymnast injured her wrist. An MRI revealed a TFCC tear. She did not want surgery and wished to pursue less invasive healing or repair with Regenerative Medicine.  She desired to pursue gymnastics at the collegiate level, but her current wrist pain prevented her from participating in gymnastics. She underwent wrist Regenerative Medicine stem cell treatment with Dr. Lox.  At 6 months the gymnast was 92% better in her overall rating of wrist pain from the TFCC tear. Since she was trying for a College Scholarship she elected for a second course of stem cell treatment with Dr. Lox. At 9 months she was 100% improved and obtained her college gymnastics scholarship. A very happy ending.

Professional Football Player and  NFL Hall of Famer

football players dr. loxA routine follow-up appointment with A NFL Hall of Famer. He was treated with Regenerative Medicine therapy for his knees and wrists doing well at 1 year follow up. He was doing well with no wrist or knee pain. Since he no longer tackles large men for a living, his routine exercises are the gym and golf. He has no problem with doing either and is pleased with his Regenerative Medicine stem cell treatment.

Retired Golfer

A retired golfer referred by a former NFL Professional Football Player was seen for his shoulder pain. He was diagnosed with shoulder arthritis, impingement syndrome, and a partial rotator cuff golftear. He enjoys boxing to stay in shape when he isn’t golfing. This makes his post-Regenerative Medicine rehabilitation a little more complicated, as both his golf swing and punching the heavy bag stress the shoulder. Dr. Lox altered his rehabilitation with non-strenuous punching with his bad shoulder and altered his golf swing. Dr. Lox often tells patients you can go out and golf, just don’t golf well. The meaning: enjoy being out on the golf course, just don’t be so competitive that you overdo it. 6 months after his shoulder Regenerative Medicine stem cell treatment he was golfing and boxing without pain or limitation. He was severely limited in his shoulder motion, and pain level before the Regenerative Medicine procedure. Therefore he was indeed happy with his results.

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