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LA California Man with Hip Osteonecrosis has Hip Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

A patient from California with hip osteonecrosis, opted for hip stem cells with Dr. Lox in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of Beverly Hills. The patient was young and athletic, and did not want to consider hip replacement surgery, moreover, he was looking for Regenerative Medicine as an option to help his body heal itself. The prospect of doing nothing, and hoping his hip osteonecrosis (AVN) would not worsen or collapse was also not appealing. Await and do nothing approach is not appealing to young athletic patients. The prospect of being proactive with Regenerative Medicine options are appealing to patients diagnosed with hip osteonecrosis or often referred to as avascular necrosis (AVN).

What is Osteonecrosis?

Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis (AVN), occurs when the blood supply to a region of one has been disrupted. This leads to bone cell ischemia and bone cell death or necrosis. Osteo refers to bone, while necrosis refers to bone cell death. Avascular refers to a loss of blood flow, and necrosis, again me as cell death. Osteonecrosis or AVN most frequently occurs following trauma, and there is pain. The problem is with hip trauma and AVN, how do you distinguish pain from trauma from a relatively rare AVN occurrence?

Bo Jackson

Sports history buffs know of the legend of Bo Jackso, who hurt his hip playing professional football. He was helped off the field with the injury, which is not uncommon in football. Osteonecrosis or AVN is statistically rare in football injuries so osteonecrosis was not immediately suspected in Bo Jackson’s case. The football season ended and he awaited spring training in baseball. During this time his hip pain continued.

An X-ray showed advanced hip joint arthritis and joint collapse which can occur in AVN. interestingly, though many consider Bo Jackson, the worlds greatest athlete, he considers his fear of failure helped to set him apart. This is not uncommonly heard from some of the most outstanding athletes, scientists, and even elite sports and stem cell physicians. to strive for greatness…can become greatest with the desire, and superior genes, just look at Michael Jordan. Therefore, an expert in the evaluation and treatment of osteonecrosis, such as Dr. Lox is important.

michael Jordan video

What are the symptoms of Hip Osteonecrosis?

Hip Osteonecrosis or AVN usually presents with hip or groin pain. It may present as stiffness or pain in the buttocks. Loss of hip range of motion can occur and a limp will be visible. The pain may develop insidiously or acutely following an injury.

What Are the Causes of Osteonecrosis?

Trauma is the leading cause of osteonecrosis. Trauma to the hip is the most frequent site of osteonecrosis development while an unknown cause of the Osteonecrosis is the second leading cause. This can be unsettling to the patient, as most people want answers, especially if it will get worse, or show up somewhere else. Autoimmune diseases disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis or lupus is also associated with the development of osteonecrosis. A patient who receives radiation therapy and chemotherapy have an increased risk association for osteonecrosis or AVN. Furthermore, Decompression sickness or Caisson’s disease may form bubbles that obstruct blood flow leading to osteonecrosis. A form of lipid storage disease referred to as Gaucher’s disease may directly block blood flow as well, resulting in the onset of osteonecrosis.

Treatment of Hip Osteonecrosis 

Other surgical techniques such as microfracture or core decompression have built-in healing limitations and is an extremely painful and lengthy recovery. Free fibular vascular grafts are difficult and require a lengthy recovery.Regenerative Medicine options such as hip stem cell therapy, are providing a more viable option for patients. This includes the ease of hip stem cell therapy treatment and direct hip injection technique, for hip osteonecrosis (AVN) patients looking for alternatives to hip arthroscopic surgery or hip replacement surgery.

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