UCLA Professor Consults Dr. Lox on Hip Pain From AVN

UCLA Professor Consults Dr. Lox on Hip Pain From AVN

A University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) professor was diagnosed with hip pain from hip AVN. He was an avid athlete in multi-sports including decades of bodybuilding. He wished to have an alternative to hip replacement surgery, so he consulted with Dennis M. Lox M.D. for treatment in his Beverly Hills, California office. Dr. Lox, an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine has a special expertise in hip pain relief and avascular necrosis (AVN). This patient had no recent injury, and x-Rays were consistent with the development of avascular necrosis in both hips, which is more concerning to patients.Hip AVN pain consult

What Is Hip AVN?

  The most common joint affected with AVN is the hip, which usually develops from trauma. AVN can occur in both hips, however, this is usually not indicative of trauma. Idiopathic AVN is accompanied by hip pain and can be seen in both hips, so with new-onset hip pain, both hips should be evaluated.  AVN can occur in other disease states, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.  Avascular necrosis results from a disruption of blood flow to an area of bone. This leads to ischemia (avascular), and then the bone cells die (necrosis) which results in hip pain.  

Hip Pain, Hip AVN, and Hip Arthritis     

The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) professor also had evidence of degenerative arthritis in both hips which was consistent with his age, sports, and bodybuilding over a long period of time. Bodybuilders frequently use squats, heavy leg presses, and lunge squats to develop their legs which places a strain on the hip joint, and over time to accelerate the arthritic wear process. Often, some extreme arthritic areas will have a joint collapse and be identical to AVN on x-rays or MRI, which complicates the picture. The difference is post-procedural care after Regenerative Medicine. This is where an expert such as Dr. Lox is important to help each patient reach their goal. 

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