Dr. Dennis Lox discusses Knee Arthritis (osteoarthritis) and Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Dennis Lox an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine has expertise in the treatment of a variety of knee disorders with Stem Cell Therapy.

A stem cell is a precursor cell that aids in the inflammatory response and in regeneration.

Knee conditions that may be treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Torn meniscus
Torn ligaments
Failed knee surgery
Avascular necrosis

Inflammation may be reduced by stem cell treatment. The inflammatory cascade though quite complex via the multiple signaling pathways and feedback loops. The stem cell can be the master control switch in the regulation of inflammatory pain and propagation. Additionally, the ability to restore knee joint balance away from degeneration towards a homeostatic one in which cartilage breakdown is balanced with cartilage buildup.

Regeneration is normally thought of as regrowing cells or cartilage. This process is usually referred to as the differentiation of the stem cell into a mature cartilage cell that forms the backdrop for a building phase. If an overall net gain in cartilage occurs it can be seen on x-Rays typically 4-6 months later, though it does not occur in everyone. These has also been the case in animal studies and future insights into what makes everyone an ideal candidate is elusive. There are many unique factors which comprise a stem cell, it’s environment, and other ancillary factors which make up the myriad of factors comprising cartilage repair.