BMX Racer with Knee Pain Consults Dr. Lox for Knee Surgery Alternative

BMX Racer with Knee Pain Consults Dr. Lox for Knee Surgery Alternative

Professional Athlete Seeks Knee Pain Relief.

Professional BMX Racing

 Meet Will Grant, a professional BMX racer, a successful model, and spokesman for the sport he loves.   He has raced in Europe and all over the United States until his chronic knee pain worsened and he could no longer compete at the professional level. Will had an injury at the age of 12 that resulted in his first knee surgery, an anterior cruciate ligament repair (ACL) and knee meniscal repair.  Many athletes don’t come back from this injury or surgery but hard work and persistence pay off for the most dedicated athletes.

And Then Another Injury…

In his early twenties, he suffered another knee injury to the same knee which resulted in another ACL surgery and meniscal debridement. Ultimately he had micro-fracture, known as core decompression.  This painful knee surgery requires holes to be drilled through the knee cartilage in an attempt to help grow new knee cartilage and tissue.  This outdated technique requires months of recovery and a prolonged period of using crutches. The needed treatment is the targeted delivery of a more precise concentrated stem cell injection directly into the knee.

 A professional BMX racer consulted Dr. Lox for knee pain relief that persisted after having knee surgery. 

Sports Medicine deals with all musculoskeletal problems, not just surgery. Most patients thankfully can avoid knee surgery if they know their options.  Again, this is where consulting an expert is so important. Regenerative Medicine deals with the science of stem cell repair, tissue engineering, growth factors, and emerging biotechnologies to help the body heal itself.  Knee pain relief after knee surgery fails is important, especially to professional athletes as their career and sports often depend upon it. Selecting a Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist who has the experience to diagnose and treat a variety of knee problems based upon years of experience is greatly important. It is also important that the doctor understands the athlete’s needs and their sports demands. This is not the place to have inexperienced people who claim expertise when in fact they don’t.

Knee pain after knee surgery

Many people seek knee pain relief after a failed knee surgery. Knee stem cell injections is an alternative to knee surgery.

Regenerative Medicine  

Regenerative Medicine deals with using the natural powers of the body to help heal itself. One of the key components is stem cells and scientific applications. Stem cells are found naturally throughout the body and they have many roles, such as regulating the immune and inflammatory response. This makes stem cells a  key component in fixing complex issues that traditional medicine cannot fix.

A Knee Pain Relief Alternative

In an injured knee, this new tissue can be bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon or even muscle. The stem cell decides based on the needs of the environment. A stem cell is smart and reads the environment and directs repair. Dr. Lox notes that helping patient’s bodies to heal themselves without surgery is appealing to athletes in tune with their bodies. This type of thinking has helped popularize Regenerative Medicine, and knee stem cell injections in the last decade.

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