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 A professional BMX racer consulted Dr. Lox for knee pain relief that persisted after having knee surgery. Failure to be free of nagging knee pain even after knee surgery is frustrating not only athletes but anyone. Choosing the right doctor may be the first step toward finding knee pain relief. It is important to find an expert. Not only in sports medicine but today we need a super specialist. A Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist, Dr. Lox has an expertise in both Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine. Sports Medicine deals with all musculoskeletal problems, not just surgery. Most patients thankfully can avoid knee surgery if they know their options.  Again, this is where consulting an expert is so important. Regenerative Medicine deals with the science of stem cell repair, tissue engineering, growth factors, and emerging biotechnologies to help the body heal itself.  Knee pain relief after knee surgery fails is important, especially to professional athletes as their career and sports often depend upon it. Selecting a Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist who has the experience to diagnose and treat a variety of knee problems based upon years of experience is greatly important. It is also important that the doctor understands the athlete’s needs and their sports demands. This is not the place to have inexperienced people who claim expertise when in fact they don’t. Unfortunately, all patients must research and do their due diligence to find the best doctors. Dr. Lox has lectured with some of the worlds leading researchers in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Science, and Biotechnology of this field. This extra experience makes a difference. Make sure to have all of your questions answered.  A true expert is willing to explain your condition. They want to get you better.

Knee pain after knee surgery

Many people seek knee pain relief after a failed knee surgery. Knee stem cell injections is an alternative to knee surgery.

Regenerative Medicine As A Knee Pain Relief Alternative

What exactly is Regenerative Medicine and how can it help provide knee pain relief?
First, we must understand that the field of Regenerative Medicine is emerging. Though not new, constant new breakthroughs are occurring. Regenerative Medicine basically deals with using the natural powers of the body to help heal itself. One of the key components is stem cells, and stem cell scientific applications. Stem cells are found naturally in the body. They have many roles. Stem cells regulate the immune and inflammatory response. They are directly active in controlling inflammation from the start and not the end like aspirin or ibuprofen do. This makes them key in fixing complex issues that traditional medicine, medications, knee cortisone injections, or gel injections cannot fix. Second, stem cells can serve to repair by complex cell signals, and even create new tissue by differentiating into the desired tissue. In an injured knee, this new tissue can be bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon or even muscle. The stem cell decides based upon the environments needs. A stem cell is smart and reads the environment and directs repair. It doesn’t need to be told what to do. This is contrary to inexperienced doctors new to the field. There is nothing like experience in a doctor, especially when he has treated all types of athletes not just knees, but all joint pain, from a variety of ages, and a variety of sports. Stem cell injections for knee pain is not new. Experienced doctors in the field have been doing this for years. Dr. Lox included. Professional athletes are deservedly picky in their doctors. After all, this is their career and the sport they love and can’t risk it on something that might harm them. Sometimes patients are no better or actually worse after knee surgery. This leads them sometimes to knee surgery alternatives such as stem cell injection and stem cell therapy. Surgery can always be done if it doesn’t work, yet if one proceeds and it doesn’t work one cannot undue the surgery. This is a risky problem for athletes. Helping their bodies to heal themselves without surgery is appealing to athletes in tune with their bodies. This type of thinking has helped popularize Regenerative Medicine, and knee stem cell injections in the last decade. What makes the headlines is the famous professional athlete. Yet, many people young and old are also looking at stem cell treatments as alternative therapy, especially for knee pain relief.

Will Grant Professional BMX Racer with Knee Pain

Professional Athlete Seeks Knee Pain Relief.

Professional BMX Racing

 Meet Will Grant, a professional BMX racer in his prime.  He also is a successful model and spokesman for the sport he loves.   He has raced in Europe and all over the United States. Now for the hard part.   Will has chronic knee pain and had gotten to where he could no longer effectively compete in his sport at the professional level.   As with many competitive athletes Will has had his share of injuries. Especially to his knee.   A bad injury at age 12 resulted in his first knee surgery, an anterior cruciate ligament repair (ACL) and knee meniscal repair.   Some athletes don’t come back from this injury or surgery.  Hard work and persistence pays off for the most dedicated athletes.  He returned to racing.  In his early twenties, he suffered another knee injury to the same knee.  He needed another ACL surgery and meniscal debridement. Ever the warrior, he trained hard once again. Ultimately he had micro-fracture also known as core decompression.  This is a rather painful knee surgery in which holes are drilled through the knee cartilage in an attempt to help grow new knee cartilage and tissue.  It takes months of recovery and a prolonged period of using crutches.  The slightly outdated technique though still often performed, actually drills into the bone marrow to allow bone marrow fluid or aspirate to seep into the desired area.  This is a weak stem cell procedure.  This is easy to understand as bone marrow fluid is mostly whole blood, and only approximately 5% total of this has any stem cells.  This results in a very diluted watered down effect.  The needed treatment is the targeted delivery of a more precise concentrated stem cell injection directly into the knee. This is where Will kept researching alternatives to provide him with the knee pain relief he needed to again compete at the professional level.  Will opted to treat with Dr. Lox as his expertise with athletes and Regenerative Medicine was what the perfectionist elite athlete desired.

The story doesn’t end here……..

This is what people that are interested in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Treatment and elite sports medicine need to understand….each patient is different.  Pay attention to your patient’s needs, desires, goals, and how they train for their sport.
Will was an elite, motivated and well-conditioned athlete. He was doing 450-pound squats, explosive exercise training such as jumping up landing on an elevated box (plyometrics), and bust training. Difficult for a normal knee, much less one with multiple surgeries, and knee pain prevented him from competing. An expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine will not just do a procedure on an athlete such as a knee stem cell injection, they develop and help coordinate a specific post-procedure plan for each patient. If you don’t get a doctor asking questions about your sport and training regimen….run.  The end goal is a happy patient who is back to their sport doing what they love.

Knee Pain

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