Avascular Necrosis

Avascular Necrosis

We provide a wide range of Stem Cell Treatments within Florida. Dr. Lox has been been treating patients since 1990 and is one of the earliest pioneers to do Stem Cell Therapy in the United States. Each patient is evaluated individually, providing personalized Stem Cell Treatment.

Use your own Stem Cells to heal yourself.

 There are no known side effects

 No age requirement

 Treatments done in one day

If your located within Florida in one of the following areas listed below and would like more information on: Avascular Necrosis, Contact us or Call (727) 462-5582.

Tampa Bay Metro, Florida

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Largo, Florida

Dunedin, Florida

Safety Harbor, Florida

Palm Harbor, Florida

Seminole, Florida

Oldsmar, Florida

Pinellas Park, Florida

East Lake, Florida

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Holiday, Florida

Citrus Park, Florida

Gulfport, Florida

Saint Pete Beach, Florida

Elfers, Florida

Belleair, Florida

Belleair Bluffs, Florida

Coachman, Florida

Belleair Beach, Florida

Largo, Florida

Dunedin, Florida

Harbor Bluffs, Florida

Habor Bluffs, Florida

Dunedin Isles, Florida

Belleair Shores, Florida

Ridgecrest, Florida

Baskin, Florida

Anona, Florida

Ulmerton, Florida

Harbor View, Florida

Mecca, Florida

If your in pain or had an injury and are looking for an alternative to surgery, contact us immediately at one of our locations. Our Main Medical Center located in Tampa Bay, Florida (727) 462-5582 or at Beverly Hills, California (310) 975-7033. www.drlox.com | info@drlox.com