A Cricket and Soccer Player from Bermuda Has Knee Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Lox

A Cricket and Soccer Player from Bermuda Has Knee Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Lox

Knee Stem Cells

A soccer player from Bermuda has Knee Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

A retired cricket and soccer player from Bermuda traveled to see Dennis M. Lox M.D. for knee regenerative therapy.  He was very interested in the science of stem cells and was interested in treating with Dr. Lox.  This patient was also a member of the Bermuda Parliament. He had led a very physically active sports life and the wear on his knees was evident. His goal was to diminish pain and avoid total knee replacement therapy. He had gained weight due to inactivity, which complicated his clinical course. He and his family were committed to change his lifestyle in order to obtain the best clinical response from the regenerative therapy.  He wished to move forward with knee stem cell injections.

Dr. Lox, A Knee Pain Relief Expert

Dr. Lox treats patients from all over the world with a variety of musculoskeletal problems.   Knee pain is a commonly seen complaint.  Athletes as they age, are frequently encountered.  This is due partly to sporting injuries, and also as they age the stress of their sport exerts a toll on their knees.  Degenerative osteoarthritis or knee arthritis, as it is commonly known, is seen in athletes.  Injuries can accelerate the development of knee arthritis, and knee surgery can accelerate knee arthritis as well.  This places athletes in a higher risk for early knee arthritis.  Certain sports, especially running and cutting sports are more prone to knee injuries.

Athletes and Knee Pain

knee stem cell injection

Professional athletes seek knee stem cell injections.

Many aging athletes who develop knee arthritis are researching stem cells, and Regenerative medicine as a treatment option to knee replacement surgery. Diminishing knee pain and improving quality of life are very worthwhile goals for patients seeking alternatives to knee surgery and knee replacement. Athletes involved in cutting sports such as cricket, soccer, football, basketball and tennis are prone to knee injuries. Even professional athletes have sought knee pain relief with alternatives to knee surgery, through knee stem cell injections. Knee pain relief is essential for returning to full competition as an elite athlete. Athletes are prone to trauma. Trauma has been shown to accelerate knee arthritis development. Trauma in athletes has traditionally led to knee surgery. This may provide knee pain relief in the short term, and allow the athlete to return to their sport, however many athletes at the elite level are unable to return to their sport. Some are able to resume their sport with excellent careers, others are not so lucky, despite their talent. This is why some athletes such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Rafael Nadal have opted for Regenerative Medicine as an alternative to knee surgery.

Rafael Nadal Knee Stem Cell Therapy

Rafael Nadal in 2017.

Rafael Nadal had tried Platelet Rich Plasma multiple times between tennis tournaments for his nagging knee pain.  In 2012, he elected to have knee stem cell therapy.  The following year in 2013, he returned to being ranked World number 1.  He is again ranked World number 1 in 2018.  Tennis is a grueling sport on the knees and when you are best in the world, you do not take chances on a treatment that may make you worse.  To remain World number 1 at 32 years of age in a young man’s sport is not only a testament to his will, but speaks volumes of his decision to seek alternatives to knee surgery with Regenerative Medicine and stem cell scientific applications.

Alternatives to Knee Surgery: Stem Cell Injection


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