86 Year Old Is Doing Great One Year After Knee Stem Cells with Expert Dr. Lox

86 Year Old Woman Reports That She is Doing Great One Year After Knee Stem Cells with Dr. Dennis Lox

86 Year Old Woman Treated Successfully with Knee Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

One year after having knee stem cells with world renown stem cells expert Dr. Dennis Lox, an 86 year old woman states she is doing great. Her initial complaints to Dr. Dennis Lox were pain loss of range of motion, and difficulty walking for prolonged periods. These are normal complaints for patients in their 70’s and beyond. Frequently patients with advance age who have significant degenerative findings are happy with more functional lives. Less pain, more mobility and doing activities of daily living.

Knee Stem Cells

Keeping this patient population functional in the home, out of nursing homes or assisted living facilities is a goal for many. As some present with more advanced arthritis, regenerative capacity with stem cells may occur but the arthritis may be so advanced that functional goals are realistic goals. These patients rarely ask to run marathons as do very active 40-60 year old patients just becoming aware they have knee osteoarthritis. These patients want to be 100% often and are only satisfied if they return to high levels of sport regardless of what degree of knee arthritis they have.

Knee Pain, Arthritis and Stem Cells

Knee Surgery Alternatives

This patient was a motivated patient, she lost 38 pounds and returned to walking normally without a limp after knee stem cells with Dr. Lox. She also was noted to now have full knee range of motion, without pain to palpation. Very positive signs of successful treatment after knee stem cells.  Knee osteoarthritis presents at many ages. In an 86 year old year old, the level of arthritis may be moderate or severe enough that total knee replacement has been recommended.

Often patients present to Dr. Lox for alternatives to knee joint replacement surgery.
Stem cells have been seen as a viable treatment alternative in some patients with advanced knee arthritis who desire to avoid knee replacement surgery.

The degree of knee arthritis, overall health, weight, and other joint problems may impact treatment reccomendations. Dr. Lox is patient specific in his approach, as no two patients are alike. Therefore specific instructions are tailored for that patients needs, to achieve the best optimal results.

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