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Athletes with AVN Treated with Stem Cells in Valencia, Spain

Nov 03, 2014

Athletes with AVN Treated with Stem Cells in Valencia, Spain. Dennis M. Lox, MD, frequently lectures both nationally and internationally. His most recent lecture was September 26-29 in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Lox presented his findings on the treatment of athletes with avascular necrosis (AVN) with Stem Cell Therapy. The lecture was well received by an international audience of clinicians. In addition, Dr. Lox served as moderator for the Regenerative Medicine Conference and provided the opening speech. It is through the…

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Knee Pain, Arthritis and Stem Cells

Oct 09, 2014

Knee Pain, Arthritis and Stem Cells Chronic knee pain is a frustrating dilemma for the old, young and athlete alike. Knee pain may arise from many conditions including meniscal tears, osteoarthritis and failed knee surgery. Research has shown that most traditional treatments for knee pain including anti-inflammatories and surgery do not alter the progression of arthritis. Patients and athletes are becoming more aware of the progressive nature of arthritis. Early intervention with Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy may alter this…

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Tampa Bay Stem Cell Doctor Treats Knee Pain

Sep 10, 2014

Tampa Bay Stem Cell Doctor treats knee pain with the use of stem cell therapy and has extensive experience in a variety of knee ailments. Dr. Lox has been in the Tampa Bay Area for over 20 years and has treated patients with knee arthritis and knee pain from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete with Stem Cell Therapy. Not all patients who have knee surgery improve, and some patients wish to avoid knee surgery altogether, in these cases…

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Bahamian Returns 6 Months after Bilateral Knee Stem Cell Therapy

Aug 25, 2014

Bahamian Returns 6 Months after Bilateral Knee Stem Cell Therapy  A Bahamian patient flew back to see Dennis M. Lox, MD, for a 6 month follow up to report dramatic knee joint improvement after stem cell therapy. He received bilateral stem cell therapy as an alternative to bilateral total knee replacement. Both the patient and Dr. Lox noticed significant joint space widening on his post-treatment x-rays. Dr. Lox also noted the patient’s excitement from the stem cell success.  Not all…

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Hip Osteoarthritis, Regenerative Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

Aug 21, 2014

Hip Osteoarthritis, Regenerative Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy. Hip osteoarthritis is a common disorder of aging.  It is also referred to generally as arthritis. Previously, osteoarthritis was thought to be a wear and tear phenomenon. Current scientific research reflects osteoarthritis is a wear and tear disorder may have a genetic predisposition and is accelerated by trauma. Research also reflects that surgery will also predispose to accelerated osteoarthritis. This results in trauma combined with surgery is not only synergistically linked to…

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A Patient From Hyderabad India with Hip AVN

Aug 20, 2014

A Patient From Hyderabad India with Hip AVN consulted with Dr. Lox regarding hip avascular necrosis (AVN) also referred to as osteonecrosis, ischemic necrosis, and aseptic necrosis.  Avascular necrosis (AVN) occurs when the blood supply to the bone affected is disrupted (avascular) leading to bone cell death (necrosis). Nearly every bone can develop AVN, however, the hip is the most frequent. Trauma is the leading cause, yet AVN may arise or be associated with the use of corticosteroids (cortisone), excessive…

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Shoulder Pain, Supraspinatus Tear

Jun 27, 2014

Shoulder Pain, Supraspinatus Tear Treatment with PRP & and Stem Cell Therapy.  Chronic shoulder pain may have many etiologies. When the pain arises from a supraspinatus tear it poses difficulty, especially with sports.  The supraspinatus is one of 4 muscles that comprise the rotator cuff. Of the 4 muscles that form the rotator cuff the distal supraspinatus tendon inserts on the greater tuberosity. It also traverses under the acromium and is subject to wear and tear by impingement. Of the…

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Chronic Low Back Pain Treated Successfully with PRP and Stem Cells

Jun 24, 2014

Chronic Low Back Pain Treated Successfully with PRP and Stem Cells When chronic low back pain occurs, it often frustrates and confounds the patient that there does not appear to be any lasting answers or relief. In fact, statistics have revealed only a 50% success rate with back surgery. That’s like flipping a coin. Not really the best odds or success rates to instill confidence to have these back surgeries. The truth is that back surgery is successful for very…

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Partial Achilles Tendon Tear Treated

May 22, 2014

Partial Achilles Tendon Tear Treated with Stem Cell Therapy When a patient experiences an Achilles Tendon tear it is painful and the prospect of surgery is ominous. The downtime from surgery is normally a painful 6 months. Dennis M. Lox, MD, is an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine and has treated many Achilles tendon tears and ruptures successfully with Stem Cell Treatment. Although most patient’s do not like a needle injection, the procedure is a walk in the park compared to…

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Reverse Medical Tourism – Soccer Player From Mexico Returns To Play After Knee Stem Cells

May 15, 2014

Reverse Medical Tourism – Soccer Player From Mexico Returns To Play After Knee Stem Cells A 30-year-old male patient was presented to Dr. Lox who was unable to run or play soccer for several years. Dr. Lox treated this soccer player from Mexico with Stem Cell Therapy in both of his arthritic knees. When this patient first contacted Dr. Lox he had bone on bone osteoarthritis after multiple repetitive traumas to his knees and several arthroscopic surgeries.  Surgery, a form of…

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