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15 Year Old Bosnian Soccer Player with ACL and PCL Tear Consults Dr. Lox for Knee Stem Cells

Dec 12, 2018

Soccer Injuries and Knee Stem Cells A 15 year old Bosnian soccer player, sustained a terrible knee injury. The terrible triad is known as tearing the ACL, Medial Meniscus, and Medial Collateral Ligament(MCL). This teen soccer player did more. He tore his ACL, PCL, Medial and lateral collateral and sustained a bone bruise to the Medial Femoral Condyle. His father, also a soccer player, had torn his ACL and had it surgically repaired, the son wanted to avoid this, thus…

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Athletes Who Choose Stem Cells To Heal

Oct 04, 2013

Athletes Who Choose Stem Cells To Heal Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, Fl Why are athletes and many others choosing stem cells as an alternative to Surgery? Simple. Regenerative Medicine has the capacity to speed recovery times from injury, prevent further joint trauma and thus theoretically prevent degenerative arthritis. Preventing degenerative arthritis may prolong an athletes career or extend the recreational athlete into competing for many more years. Dennis M. Lox, MD,, a Sports and Regenerative Specialist, has treated many…

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