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A Gymnast with Shoulder Labral Tear Consults Dr. Lox

Mar 20, 2019

Shoulder Labral Tear after Dislocation A Teen gymnast dislocated her shoulder. It relocated by itself, and she thought she was all better. Unknowing the true nature of shoulder dislocation she kept competing. Her shoulder dislocated 2 more times. This totaled 3 shoulder dislocations. At this point, she saw an orthopedic surgeon and an MRI of her shoulder was obtained. A large labral tear was noted. The orthopedic surgeon gave her options of surgery with a 4-month recovery with no gymnastics.…

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A Patient With A Hip Labral Tear

Apr 19, 2014

A Patient With A Hip Labral Tear from Iran Consults Dennis M. Lox, MD,. A patient with a hip Labral tear from Iran consulted Dennis M. Lox, MD, about using stem cells as opposed to surgery. The patient a competitive athlete was astute in his understanding that surgery is a form of trauma, and already having sustained a Labral tear that would further propel him towards early hip arthritis. Many studies have shown trauma leads to early arthritis, as well…

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Arthroscopy or Stem Cells for Hip Pain?

Jan 23, 2014

Arthroscopy or Stem Cells for Hip Pain? Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, FL Arthroscopy for Labral tears of the hip has increased in recent years. In the past these were treated with surgery now it is becoming increasingly more frequent. Especially in athletes. There are many problems with treating these hip Labral tears. MRIs may be misleading with false positives. Some are advocating MRI- arthrography or MRA as more sensitive. There is an MRI available today that has contrast injected…

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