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Knee Pain That Won’t Go Away

Sep 24, 2015

Knee Pain That Won’t Go Away: When Are Stem Cells an Option. When knee pain won’t go away it is time to get some answers. Sometimes out of know where patients are told they have no knee cartilage remaining and need a knee replacement. This is of great surprise to those on the receiving end of the news. Sometimes knee arthritis is silent and may develop over time with little or no pain until it suddenly becomes painfully obvious something…

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Knee Pain in A California Surfer

Sep 23, 2015

Knee Pain in A California Surfer treated with Stem Cell Therapy. When a California surfer injures his knee, his extreme sports lifestyle including surfing may be impacted. Diagnosed with a small knee meniscal tear the California based surfer tried conservative treatment to help. 2 years of time and treatment did not completely resolve the problem. He contacted Dennis M. Lox, MD, an expert in knee stem cell therapy. After an initial consultation the patient’s goals, expectations were discussed. He decided…

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Acute Knee Meniscal Tear in an Athlete Treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Sep 18, 2015

Acute Knee Meniscal Tear in an Athlete Treated with Stem Cell Therapy. A California multi-sport athlete sustained a knee meniscal tear after a fall. He was in his early 20’s and was well aware of the long-term outcome of knee meniscal debridement, and the difficulty treating these injuries due to the poor blood supply to the knee meniscus. He was very concerned with the development of knee arthritis, as sports was a way of life for him. This is a…

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Colombian Engineer with Knee Arthritis Flys to Dr. Dennis Lox for Knee Stem Cells

Sep 17, 2015

Colombian Engineer with Knee Arthritis Fly’s to Dennis M. Lox, MD, for Knee Stem Cells. An active septuagenarian with knee arthritis did not want his pain to slow him down. He actively follows a rigorous work schedule and does not want a knee replacement. He did his research and found Dennis M. Lox, MD, an expert in stem cell therapy. He flew from Colombia, South America to see Dr. Lox in his Tampa Bay, Florida office. Dr. Lox felt his…

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Power lifter / Martial Artist with Chronic Knee Pain Opts for Knee Stem Cells

Sep 14, 2015

Athletes are prone to injury, and the knee is a frequently injured joint in all sports. Stem cells are increasingly being considered as a viable option in the treatment of knee disorders. Dr. Lox treats athletes of a diverse array of sports with stem cell therapy. Powerlifters and martial artists are prone to a variety of injuries including their knees. Dennis M. Lox, MD, has evaluated many such athletes for knee stem cell therapy as well as hips, shoulders, wrists,…

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Pakistani Woman has Stem Cell Therapy for Knees with Dr. Dennis Lox

Sep 03, 2015

A woman from Pakistan traveled to see Dennis M. Lox, MD, an expert in stem cell therapy. The woman in her 60’s, was not unlike many patients who consult Dr. Lox for knee stem cells. They frequently have knee arthritis and are told there is nothing left to do but eventually have a knee replacement. This essentially means let Mother Nature continue to whittle away at the remaining cartilage left in your knee until you no longer have any, or…

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Knee Ligament Injuries

Jul 22, 2015

Stem Cell Therapy Offers Hope Knee ligament injuries are common in all types of athletes. They are some of the most dreaded injuries in the sports world since they can abruptly end your athletic career. In addition to that, the injury can be debilitating and very painful. Since ligaments are poorly supplied with blood, healing is slow and the ligament may never heal completely. The existing medical practice has been ineffective in this respect despite important advances. But now, knee…

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Knee Stem Cells Results

Jul 06, 2015

Unlike many studies, knee stem cells results have been consistently promising. Many studies conclude by the authors saying positive things about the use of stem cells in the management of various knee conditions. In most cases, sign and symptoms of a knee condition will include some of those listed below. Pain Swelling Joint hotness. Reduced mobility. Fracture Broken cartilage Torn ligaments These are just a few of the many knee problems where researchers have used stem cells and observed the…

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Knee Pain and Stem Cell Therapy

Jul 01, 2015

Knee pain is one of the commonest complaints heard in a doctor’s consultation office. This is for good reason since the knee is exposed to many risks that can lead to all sorts of injuries or degenerative conditions. Traditionally, such pain is managed with common painkillers, corticosteroids, and surgery. However, knee surgery alternative is now available in the form of knee stem cell treatment.   Risk factors for knee pain. Sports, motor accidents, home accidents and accidents at the workplace…

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Knee Pain and Injuries

Jun 29, 2015

The knee may be injured from a variety of causes. The two most common problems encountered in the knee are osteoarthritis and meniscal tears. Other frequent problems of the knee include ligament sprains and tears, bursitis, and anterior cruciate ligament tears (ACL). If the blood supply to the surrounding bone is disrupted, leading to a loss of circulation, then that region of bone cells may die (necrosis). The term avascular necrosis refers to this phenomenon. Avascular: loss of blood supply…

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About the Author

Dennis M. Lox M.D. is an internationally renown Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist. Dr. Lox incorporates Regenerative Medicine techniques such as cell science applications, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Tissue Engineering aspects, to help patients from around the world with a vast array of problems. Dr. Lox is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lox lectures extensively and has edited two PM&R textbooks, the prestigious A State of the Art Review (Star) on Low Back Pain, and Soft Tissue Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment.

Dennis M. Lox M.D. maintains an active practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, and in Beverly Hills, California.