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Elbow Pain in a Professional Baseball

Feb 01, 2016

Professional baseball pitchers frequently injure their pitching arms. Two frequent sites are the shoulder and elbow. Pitching places great stress on the arm. The extreme motion combined with the high velocity necessary to pitch in the major leagues places the arm under significant stress. Tommy John surgery is often not successful. Some elite pitchers return to sport and flourish, others do not. When a professional baseball pitcher fails to improve, this often ends their career. If a baseball pitcher loses…

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Tennis Elbow: Treating Tennis Players with Stem Cell Therapy

Dec 31, 2014

Tennis elbow also is known as lateral epicondylitis, is frequent in many sports, including its namesake tennis. Treatment has included rest, physical therapy, medications, and even surgery. Previously tennis elbow was felt to result from inflammation alone. This resulted in the naming of tendinitis, reflecting an inflammatory process. Tennis elbow is more complex, involving many different processes. These include: Inflammation Tendinosis (tendon scarring) Micro-tears to the extensor tendons Repetitive strains and stress Stem cell treatments for lateral epicondylitis or tennis…

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A Golfer with Tennis Elbow Treated with Platelet Rich Plasma

Feb 21, 2014

A Golfer With Tennis Elbow Treated With Platelet Rich Plasma Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, FL What? A golfer with tennis elbow? That’s right, because “tennis elbow” is just a name when it comes to describing the mechanics of an injury. If the problem occurs on the outer aspect of the elbow, where the tendons insert onto the bone, it is known commonly as “tennis elbow” or “lateral epicondylitis.” If it originates from the inner aspect of the elbow it…

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Tennis Player with Chronic Elbow Pain Responds to PRP

Jun 27, 2013

Tennis Player with Chronic Elbow Pain Responds to PRP    Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, Fl      For a tennis player chronic elbow pain is often a difficult problem. Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow is a frequent cause of chronic elbow pain in tennis players. Tennis elbow often fails to respond to rest, medications, physical therapy, and even surgery. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used to treat tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis with success. An tennis player who failed…

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Elbow Pain: Golfers Elbow the role of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Jun 16, 2013

 Elbow Pain: Golfers Elbow the role of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, Fl   Golfer elbow or medial epicondylitis, is a chronic tendonitis of the inside of the elbow (medial aspect). The medial epicondyle, is the insertion point for the wrist flexors. This group of muscles crosses the wrist with it’s origin on the elbow. The function of this muscle group is to flex or curl the wrist. Overuse and repetitive trauma result in chronic tendonitis…

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Elbow Pain and Arthritis after Surgery, Treatment Options

May 14, 2013

Elbow Pain and Arthritis after Surgery, Treatment Options When things don’t improve after elbow surgery, arthritis may be one potential complication. Surgery is often preformed after elbow trauma, and surgery imparts more trauma to the elbow region which may further accelerate arthritis development. Minimizing further elbow joint trauma, continued repetitive joint stress or biomechanical overload may help prevent further elbow arthritis development. Regenerative Medicine therapies may address chronic elbow pain and dysfunction, by utilizing tissue repair and regeneration models of…

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Chronic Elbow Pain Responds to PRP

Apr 02, 2013

Chronic Elbow Pain Responds to PRP Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, Fl A large randomized clinical study looking at the affects of using Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) in tennis elbow found that PRP was more effective than dry needling of this chronic elbow problem. The results were recently revealed and supports the long supported view in users of Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) as an effective treatment modality for this type of elbow pain. Chronic tendon problems often fail to respond quickly to conservative measures…

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