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Ankle Arthritis Can Put A Hurt on Your Game: Regenerative Medicine Options

Feb 21, 2019

Ankle Arthritis Can Put A Hurt on Your Game: Regenerative Medicine Options Ankle arthritis can develop in younger age athletes which literally hurts, and hurts their game.  Some sports are prone to ankle repetitive injuries such as ankle sprains, or severe trauma. This can lead to early onset of ankle arthritis. One such sport is Basketball. Those who know the history of the sport can recall two professional Basketball legends who were affected by ankle injuries. Bill Walton and Kevin…

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Dr. Dennis Lox Talks Stem Cells on ABC News with Teen Soccer Player with AVN

Jan 21, 2018

Dr. Lox Featured on ABC News Morning Blend Segment To Discuss Stem Cell Therapy When To Choose Stem Cell Treatment Over Surgery?  Natasha was first interviewed as a 14-year-old diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) of the navicular bone in her foot. She failed to improve with conservative care and was told that the only course of treatment was an ankle fusion.  Ankle fusion was an unacceptable course of action as Natasha refused to give up soccer. Dr. Lox treated her in…

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A Patient From Palm Springs Opts for Knee and Ankle Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

Jul 19, 2017

A Patient From Palm Springs Opts for Knee and Ankle Stem Cells with Dr. Lox A patient from Palm Springs, California consulted with Dr. Lox for persistent knee and ankle pain and stem cell therapy. The pain had affected her ability to walk long distances. An orthopedic surgeon recommended knee replacement surgery, after she failed to improve with conservative management of arthritis medications, cortisone injections, and hyaluronic acid injections. The orthopedic surgeon also stated that she may need her ankles…

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Doctor States he is Perfect After Ankle Stem Cells with Dr. Lox

Apr 24, 2017

Dennis M. Lox, MD, has treated numerous physicians with stem cell therapy for a variety of orthopedic and sports problems, including ankles. A Pediatrician suffering from chronic ankle pain sought the care of Dennis M. Lox, MD,, after researching ankle stem cells and hearing of Dr. Lox’s reputation. Dr. Lox has treated difficult ankle cases where there is seemingly no answer except considering ankle fusion. This prospect of ankle fusion surgery often leads patients to seek alternative treatment options, including…

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Football (Soccer) Player In Turkey with Ankle AVN

Apr 20, 2016

Avascular Necrosis of The Ankle A football player (Soccer) in Turkey consulted Dr. Lox for Avascular Necrosis (AVN)) of the Talus (Ankle). Dennis M. Lox, MD, has treated many football or in the United States soccer players, with ankle problems. This includes football or soccer players with Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of the Talus. A football or soccer player who injures the Talus (a bone in the ankle) has difficulty or cannot play their sport. This is especially troublesome for elite…

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Ankle Pain Treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Mar 10, 2016

Ankle pain may be extremely problematic for patients. Often conservative treatment measures do not provide lasting relief, and surgical options may not be welcome especially in the younger patient and the athlete. Surgery such as ankle fusion is irreversible. This has profound implications for younger patients as the loss of mobility may impact adjacent joints in the future leading to accelerated wear. Most sports careers invoking the lower leg will be ended by an ankle fusion. Stem cell therapy may…

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After Ankle Fracture AVN May Develop

Dec 28, 2015

A patient who sustained a severe fracture of her ankle, was later diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) of her distal tibia. Dennis M. Lox, MD, an expert in the use of stem cell therapy in patients with avascular necrosis (AVN) was consulted. The distal or bottom portion of the tibia makes contact with the talus bone to form the ankle mortise. After a traumatic fracture the blood supply to a region of bone either the tibia, talus or both becomes…

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Osteonecrosis of the Ankle Dr. Lox

Dec 09, 2015

  Osteonecrosis of the Ankle Treated with Stem Cells. Osteonecrosis also referred to as avascular necrosis (AVN), is a condition in which the blood supply to a region of bone is disrupted, leading to bone cell death or necrosis. Osteonecrosis most frequently is seen in the hip joint, however, it may occur in any joint including the ankle. Osteonecrosis or AVN has been treated with stem cell therapy as an option to traditionally recommended surgeries such as ankle fusion or…

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A Patient in India with Foot Arthritis

Nov 13, 2015

A Patient in India with Foot Arthritis Consults Dr. Lox For Stem Cell Therapy. The patient in India was referred to Dennis M. Lox, MD, by a friend of a family member in India. The friend of that family member had previously had stem cell treatment with Dr. Lox. Surprising to most people in the United States, India is not ahead of the U.S. in terms of stem cell knowledge. While India remains a medical tourism hot spot, some Indian…

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Ankle Arthritis in a Runner Treated with Stem Cells

Sep 15, 2015

Ankle Arthritis is by no means an uncommon disorder in sports. The long-term outcome of repetitive trauma or prior surgery is the development of osteoarthritis or joint arthritis. A patient who sustained a severe compound fracture of his tibia after a fall underwent extensive surgical repair. This occurred during his teenage years and like most teens they tend to heal. However, accompanying severe trauma and surgery leads to an unwelcome guest years later, the development of joint arthritis. Distal tibia…

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