Dr. Lox on Bodybuilding and Knee Arthritis: A Regenerative Medicine Approach

A Regenerative Approach to Knee Arthritis and Bodybuilding


Dr. Lox on Bodybuilding and Knee Arthritis: A Regenerative Medicine Approach

Bodybuilding vs. Arthritis

Knee pain and bodybuilding are common. Dennis M. Lox M.D. has treated some of the world’s most acclaimed bodybuilders, including the highest level Mr. Olympia with Regenerative Medicine. Knee pain of a variety of disorders may develop from bodybuilding. Acute injuries from ruptured tendons, meniscal and ACL tears, kneecap (patella) pain, and tendinitis all are common. Over time, wear and tear occur from the excessive loads of heavyweights being lifted repetitively. This may result in an early development of knee arthritis or osteoarthritis. Athletes are notorious for ignoring pain, taking anti-inflammatory medications, ice, and even pain pills to keep training and lifting weights. The effects of heavy squats, leg presses, hack squats, lunges, and leg extensions over time, exert a heavy toll on the knee of the bodybuilder.

Often athletes may not identify themselves as a pure bodybuilder. Some feel only bodybuilding competition athletes are real bodybuilders. This is inaccurate.

Knee Pain

Regenerative Therapy and Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is basically training the body through weights and exercise to be stronger, more defined and toned. This is really most individuals who regularly go to any gym. Often the recreational “bodybuilder” or fitness buff, has the least information on the real science of how muscles work and nutrition. This is a natural setup for overuse training, improper training, and excessive knee wear and tear= arthritis development. Those who train and are overweight are unaware that their goal of getting in shape if done improperly, may only propel the wear and tear effect of degenerative knee arthritis. For every ten pounds of excess weight, the force of the weight is magnified to the knee. For example, that ten pounds is really more like 30-50 pounds of extra force. Twenty pounds is more like 100 pounds of excessive force. So imagine wearing a 100-pound backpack, and squatting 250 pounds for repetitions of 12 and 3 sets? Elite Competitive bodybuilders, while their body fat is lower, may weigh 300 pounds, but may squat 500 pounds or leg press even more. Their sets and repetitions are higher, and they measure their workouts in total volume lifter it tons of weight lifted in a day. Over decades this has an enormous wear and tear effect upon the knee joint resulting in accelerated degenerative knee osteoarthritis.

Bodybuilder Shoulder Pain

Dr. Lox, an expert in Sports and Regenerative Medicine, has treated athletes of all sports, and frequently encounters weightlifters, and bodybuilders with knee pain. Regenerative Medicine applications under the supervision of a Sports and Regenerative Medicine specialist may halt the progressive nature of knee arthritis or reverse it. This is truly a medical game changer for athletes. Regenerative Medicine incorporates the body’s innate healing capacity to achieve a repair.

What is Osteoarthritis?

By definition, osteoarthritis is a progressive disorder. Traditional medical strategies such as anti-inflammatory arthritis medications (NSAIDS), cortisone, and even surgery do not halt the degenerative progressive cascade of arthritis. Patients and athletes are increasingly turning to Regenerative Medicine as an alternative treatment strategy to alter this prophecy of progressive knee joint wear. Many patients and athletes do not want a knee replacement surgery, and Regenerative Medicine is a viable treatment strategy to be proactive.  A proactive strategy is much more palatable to athletes than being told to just wait and sooner or later you will get your knee replaced. Every patient is different. Each patient and athlete needs individual assessment for optimal treatment. Consulting a skilled and experienced Sports and Regenerative Medicine Specialist is essential to the best outcome for each patient.


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