Stem Cell Research: Capabilities Human Cloning?

Stem Cell Research: Capabilities Human Cloning?


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As stem cell research as expanded a look back at Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine recipient, Dr. John Gurdon’s work. Gurdon first worked with frogs and then in 1996, Gurdon and reseachers cloned Dolly the sheep. Gurdon originally felt humans were 50 years away.  Gurdon a scientist at Cambridge often queries when he lectures on the subject to his audience, would it be appropriate for a couple who has lost a child to clone a copy of that child? With the added statements that the couple was not fertile, and to create another with the mothers eggs and the deceased child’s skin cells.

60 percent of audiences polled generally stated approval for this cloning.

It may be a culture shift in the way many prior societal ideals set in stone have slowly eroded away.

Stem cell research is expanded in many directions. Internal medicine diseases such as Heart, Lung, Diabetes are all at the forefront. The immunomodulatory capacity of stem cells are sought in autoimmune disorders and clinical trails for graft versus host are under way. The regenerative capacity as well the immunomodulatory regulation of stem cell is sought in the orthopedic and musculoskeletal applications. Further understanding of inflammatory mediators has elucidate the need for applications for a wide array of disorders not only for the degenerative osteoarthritis model, but how these applications can be used early in injury repair, prevent arthritis development, and as an alternative to knee or other joint replacement. The knee is the most common joint replaced in the United States. A viable Regnerative Medicine treatment such as Stem Cell Therapy, can have significant impact on health care expenditures.


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